Extend the life of the machine core movement gem material application of appreciation

In the watch machine core, good movement performance is to ensure that the watch one of the biggest guarantee normal work. And Richard Mille replica watches movement operation is run by many precision components work together to deliver the power, so delicate little parts wear will happen over time, eventually led to watch the performance. Is the good news is that, on the machine core material selection, it was found that the ruby this super wear resistant materials, and apply it on the watch manufacturing. Today small make up take you to appreciate the movement of the ruby.

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Operation of a Richard Mille movement must rely on the gear on transmission power. Before the important functions of ruby is not recognized, the escape wheel spin axis line, escapement fork, pendulum shaft rod and gear train wheels are screwing in brass plate holes. Constantly think axis rotation on copper substrate or splint, like simulated flight, friction will bring both wear, produced by the metal scrap and will affect the performance of the lubricating oil, the rotation of the spin axis pressure and high speed friction damage, make the movement.

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Until 1700, a Swiss and two French discovery drilling ruby as watches bearing can significantly reduce the friction and damage, and significantly improve the working life of the movement, has been widely used. But because the cost is too high, then use high-grade movement. Synthetic rubies are widely used in 1902, main component is 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, with natural ruby has the same properties. So in simple terms, jewel bearing is the protection of the gear axis of stone. With perforated ruby shaft eye fixed on the plate, set in the play to the role of the bearing in the watches. Since the jewel bearing is used to protect the gear axis, the more the more natural gear jewel bearing number. Generally speaking, the more jewel bearing is the more complicated movement. However complicated isn’t everything, so also you can’t judge a gem number alone could go to the movement of high and low quality.

Conclusion: stone material is good, but its price is very expensive, and this is why some watch does not show hill not roric there will be days of high social status. So as a luxury watches, always let a person off, but the demand or some, after all there are always some people needed the wrist watch as a status symbol. Finally there is no denying that with ruby material movement is absolutely on the performance and service life.