These watches is a goal for men

The royal oak series double torsion pendulum hollow out wrist fine steel product prices is $4410, rose gold price $7680.

Richard Mille RM50-02 two seconds after the tourbillon timing clock needle
Richard miller brand is a blend of top technology and high-tech design create a chronometer, makes the young Swiss luxury brand almost become a category. When it comes to advanced complex watches, Richard miller, Renaud & Papi machine factory cooperation with Abby invention created a series of crazy and strange movement, to match their bold and complex design.
The RM50-02 ACJ two seconds after the tourbillon timing clock needle, with their new partners is Richard miller “airbus business department (ACJ)” hand in hand to create watches of the new. ACJ chief creative designer to imitate the appearance of the outsider prevented, at the same time with a distinctive style of Richard miller, the RM50-02 movement wrist watch equipped with instantaneous timer movement and new tourbillon, made of titanium aluminum alloy forge and equipped with white ceramic side watchess. Also reached the sky-high price, 1050000, equivalent to 6.83 million.

Gao Po fuss Signature1 wrist watch
The Gao Po fuss Signature (1) SG01 wrist watch is a new concept of brand. Did not have the characteristics of the tourbillon, this SG01 wrist watch is a collaborative production, which has Gao Po fuss and a brilliant watch maker – Didier J.G. Cretin signed, instantaneous high pretend bility.

Although is a less complicated small three needle design, but this is SG01 wrist watch still is the same as the other complex meter GF emits the same charm. Them with their huge balance wheel system to 3 hz frequency operation, and stainless steel watchcase (first choice, this is SG01 Gao Po rich entry-level watches of the newest items, only limited release 66, half of which is stainless steel, the starting price is: $170000, equivalent to about 1.1 million.