Richard miller wrist rankings

Cheap Richard miller watches readily to launch the RM 030 “Black Dash” limited wrist watch. And released in May this year “Whtie Rush”, RM 030 “Black Dash” wrist watch innovative materials science and technology, carrying the manual polishing machine, realizes the advanced TAB style and new heights of performance. On both sides of the watches circle to TZP ceramics of sandblasting, whereas watches ring by the strength of the light NTPT carbon fibres. Red, white and black crown and rubber strap, set off the Arabic numerals, a pointer and flange, ensure the excellent illegible effect.


The wrist watch with an automatic winding machine, automatic assembly can automatically remove the variable geometry tuo. When on foot clockwork spring box spring will automatically from the winding system of automatic tuo, so as to avoid excessive top chord. In addition, this mechanism is also connected to the 9 o ‘clock position power storage display, bent to provide optimal control. This also makes the movement and oscillator operate under the best constant torque/power ratio, to ensure accurate timing performance.


RM 030 “Black Dash” wrist was Richard miller bar harbor, Beverly hills, Las Vegas boutiques and American public sale, limited 50 pieces, the price is $140000.

The national treasure of scarce, Richard miller

Richard miller watches replica, hand in hand to the international street artists Cyril Kongo, new RM 68-01 KongoTourbillon limited wrist watch, the latter will tourbillon movement into an unprecedented work of art.


The watch set limit to 30, Richard miller shop sold around the world, only in July this year officially listed. Worthy of the name “wrist art treasures,” RM 68-01 KongoTourbillon wrist watch will create watchmaking history. This is the first time, a street artist will own the vast world into a tiny wrist movement.


With Cyril Kongo’s words: “I’m from graffiti. All of my works are originated from there. Graffiti is my painting school, I learn from the streets. I need to keep in touch with the world, at the same time pay attention to what is happening in other places. Graffiti is a kind of language, has its own rules, is also a form of writing, no matter on the wall, canvas, or any other surface. My paintings are not confined to a single room or a specific surface.”


Graffiti artist Cyril Phan was born in Toulouse, France in 1969, now lives in Paris, with Cyril Kongo name enjoy international reputation. Just ten years, Cyril Kongo on their own, climb the top of the French and European art and culture. For the accused of graffiti art, as well as for more than twenty years experience as a member of the MAC CREW group, makes him a graffiti to be one of the world’s most legendary. As time goes on, Cyril Kongo development open art view, is not limited to graffiti, but through the artistic expression become the mature and more fully. With murals for inspiration inspiration, in essence, Cyril Kongo graffiti has transformed into a genre.

A chance encounter contributed to Richard miller and Cyril Kongo cooperation, as well as the RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wristwatch. However, the watch is not only a Richard miller and Cyril Kongo collaboration results, in fact, it is a series of works of art created by the latter. RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon watches are Cyril Kongo by micro tools manual spraying retouching, each one is unique

Cyril Kongo added: “to build the RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon watches need special research and development tools, in order to carry on the watch of wrist of 5 cm square painting, I spent more than a year of time to do the experiment. Some components only a few millimeters long and some even smaller, my job is to print letters on design, both to ensure enough visual effect, and can’t use too much paint, lest destroy balance wheel balance. Like a complete car, I need to print the chassis, engine, and each piston and so on.”

Through the new RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wrist the bottom of the watches, you can see the Tourbillon movement substrate central radiation effect, like a squirrel in the spark on metope paint. From the wrist watch positive view, different movement bridge plate extending in different directions, like street art paintings in the wild brush strokes. Wrist watch case to grade 5 titanium metal, using asymmetric design, tie-in NTPT ring of carbon fiber sheet and TZP black ceramic bezel. RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wristwatch fusion modern machinery and visual arts, is one of the unique interpretation and expression of time measurement in the 21st century. It is reported, this watch for $685000

Nadal won the Swiss watchmaker Will wear watch of wrist of 500000 games

Although a recent years performances on the pitch is not strong as the past,nadal’s influence is not compromised. Recently, Geneva, Switzerland cheap richard mille watches maker Daniel rui chi – mai di offer an olive branch to the Spaniard, successful invited as a brand ambassador.


Nadal fan must be in to him after the match that set of actions is very familiar with, including the walk to the front of the net and rival hug, to the crowd, shaking hands with the referee, go back to the chair put the racket in the end, put on sponsors specially make coat, wear a watch, sign your name
on the camera lens. As the world’s top watchmaker, rui chi – one that attracts mai di the penultimate step. Although the two sides did not reveal the signing amount is how much, at least the Spaniard won a $530000 watch.


This watch global limited release 50 plan, nadal is worn by the number 027 of that one.

This makes nadal after federer rolex signed another
cooperation with top watchmaker tennis player. After rui chi – mai di has been active in the car, they sponsored F1 Grand Prix, macau Grand Prix and GP2 RACES. Ferrari’s felipe massa as early as 2004 wore Richard rich – mai di RM006 wrist watch
game, the brand watch is one of the biggest characteristic of the vibration resistance, even in F1 such fierce competition also can ensure accurate as well.

And Richard miller series wrist watch has its unique details in design, both on the dial and strap or clasp both classic and fashion. From sponsors, they said the temperament of their products and rafael nadal.