Acme classical Richard mills in RM 67-01 Ti ultra-thin watch tasting

Replica Richard Mille watches, but in a short period of time to create several new works, and by collectors and industry experts recognized as classic contemporary tabulation of acme, reveals remarkably outstanding group. And one of the most popular classic models is RM 010 automatically on the watch chain, pure lines and powerful have always been able to produce resonance with the wearer. Standing on ceaseless creation, Richard Mille finally once again celebrating the birth of the new design, and is doomed to and will also be a future classic: RM 67-01 ti automatic chain ultra-thin cheap replica watches.

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Rigorous bold tabulation technology to build the most time consuming and one of the most complex kind of wrist watch
Barrel type, Replica RM Watches case used was Richard mills in ultra-thin form to show people for the first time, was Richard Mille barrel type meter when the most fashionable style.

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Compared to other similar case series, its delicate size need more time to build, pure total processing time about six hours, and no matter the bezel, needed for the main case and bottom ring 68 different stamping processes such as preparation requires for several weeks. watches ring processing need 8 to finish the adjustment of the machine, the main case and bottom ring need 5 debugging. Before the real processing phase, the work method of complex process design was 145 hours, 130 hours, drawing a auxiliary tool auxiliary equipment manufacturing cost 180 hours. Each case is to go after more than 215 independent processing program.

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After finishing processing stage, the wrist watch will through mist surface grinding and polishing, all made by hand, then with sapphire crystal and sealant assembly, to pass a preliminary water resistance test, and then be removed and subject to the final quality control. Only after that, the machine can be installed in the line of its choiceness exquisite. All of these processes took eight hours, again make Richard Mille barrel type case become today’s swiss-made watch case, one of the most time consuming and complicated case.

Overcome the twin challenges manifest brand spirit
Makes the ultra-thin automatic watches the mechanical level has its own set of special difficulties, however, one of the dual challenge is that this kind of machine design and movement in depth of visual sense, this is the core principle of Richard Mille creation. This spirit is very apparent in RM 67-01 Ti perforations of incisively and vividly, however, new technique, structure the dial from three layers of watches circle edge to the pointer in the central area, was overwhelmed.

Using hollow out design of the dial, beautiful and easy, mechanical feels dye-in-the-wood. On the chain, the date and manual adjustment function indicator shows between the point and the position at two o ‘clock. Although this is a new automatic meter chain, but when the first time wearing or after a few days without wearing still need a little on the chain.
Innovative design style, making the watch crown more attractive, warhead in the shape of a crown special texture decoration, security operation of wrist watch fluency. When the crown is pulled, the indicator is up and running, therefore, using the crown in a location, only through touch or “click on the” digital, then there is no suspense to choose function, very convenient.

Wrist watch dial the number on to solid metal forging, and installed on a pair of connected, directly affiliated to movement of strengthened titanium alloy orbit. Each number in order to increase the deep feeling, both in solid metal engraving, and populate Luminova ® luminescent materials, for the night to read, this is the innovation of the brand in the wrist watch category. Moved to the dial on the right side of the date of the vertical window at five o ‘clock position, stealth window frame of them also to Luminova strikingly foil ® luminous materials. The colorful light in the night, is added when reading environment and beautify the dial, kill two birds with one stone, very beautiful.
Wrist watch carrying CRMA6 automatic chain machine, thickness is only 3.6 mm new movement, by Les Breuleux engineer design. Movement floor and bridge plate are made from grade 5 titanium alloy, combined with the grey and black plasma processing as seiko, with platinum automatic plate pendulum. Movement bottom cover continue creating deep feeling especially careful, greeted by a mass effect of hollow out everywhere, such as the height of hollow out on chain box spring, automatic plate, bridge plate transmission gear train with automatic chain device. Movement of the building structure is enough to load mechanical legend; Even dial side three slotted screw, and metaphor watchmaker, the traditional way of thinking and the spirit, and customize the screw torque (through movement appreciation) is widely used, to ensure it according to the function and use the correct tension accuracy and it is suiwatches to the application.

Part of the movement to show
Movement is at the heart of the driving wheel system structural design using involute tooth profile, replace the tabulation commonly used standard linear tooth. This kind of tooth shape in auto transmission device and many high efficiency of motor; Apply them to tabulation field, however, is a rare suffering. The tooth shape to make the transfer of energy by driving wheel system more efficient, therefore, lead to more excellent timing results. Wrist watch is tie-in a rubber strap with the wind, feel comforwatches, joker and fashion, the costume collocation to be able to do any occasion.
Watch the whole show

Conclusion: watch seems fairly, but there is quite a qiankun connotation. In the preparation of heart, there will be a special experience. Innovative technology, rigorous tabulation technology coupled with the means to overcome technical challenges they strap surface world has become one of the best classic style. Interested friends can walk Richard mills in store.

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