The purchase of the rudder is the way of life

The reason is that the technology content is higher. In fact, it’s really important for a watch, but it doesn’t play a decisive role. We can have a look, cheap nixon watches¬†and vacheron constantin, Ap, Swiss tradition tabulation troika, clocks and watches the three most famous brand, for a long time, are using outsourcing in movement, even after the have their own produced machine core, is still part of the introduction of other watch brand production movement. And the source of the machine is abundant, for example, patek philippe has used the FP machine core, the product home machine; Jiang shiden-dan used the FP machine core, the product home machine core, the chipper machine core; Love has used the core of the home. Even rolex, which has always been a full-on self-production, used real time timing, so it doesn’t matter what the core is.

A few small brands, devotion to use its movement, not only have no impact on the brand promotion effect, but because they do not mature, resulting in failure of watches, influence the brand reputation. We can also use cars to illustrate the problem. Audi provides the engine for lamborghini. Mercedes provides engines for aston Martin; BMW and logo share 1.6 T engines. Obviously, the most important thing for luxury brands is building brand value compared to solving technical problems. I used to think that top brands don’t have to build their own, and they can do it on their own. Above is the main model of the two years of the king’s rudder. All the watches in the chart are bought with an external purchase. The motto of the tiller brand is to provide the same quality as rolex, but a lower price watch. We all know that the tiller also has the same oyster shell, waterproof and dust-proof capabilities as rolex. For a long period of time, the rudder and rolex Shared the shell parts, and many of the parts of the rudder were directly used by rolex. So how does the rudder watch reduce the price, since it’s a part of the rolex, and the answer is that it’s the rudder. The rudder was built from the outsourcing machine. The road of the king’s purchase is a two-part, three-pin machine and timing machine. First we look at the three pins.

In the 1950s, the source of the machine was the Fluerier machine. For economic reasons, the rudder was chosen to buy Fluerier in the first place, because it was cheaper than rolex to push the price down to the rolex. The water ghost SUBMARINER (6204) used a rolex 1030, the 1030 machine with a two-way upper string capability at the time. In the first, had considered to emperor rudder use 1030 movement, but because of the price, the emperor rudder give up using the same movement and rolex water 6204, switch to buy since Fluerier 350 movement. The rudder has improved the Fluerier 350 (which is also the tradition of the tiller). The rudder gave the original plant Fluerier 350 an automatic upper part, changed the wheel, and after an improvement, the helm was named 390 machine core. The 3390 machine is used in the rudder Oyster of Oyster Prince Submariner 7922 (the Oyster Prince), 7924, 7925, and 7928.

The 390 automatic upper chord of the rudder. After a brief use of the Fluerier, the rudder went into the outsourcing of the ETA machine. Starting in the mid-1960s, he began using the outsourcing ETA machine. The first thing that was used was the ETA2776. The ETA2776 is an autowound core. With a diameter of 25.6mm, 17 jewel bearings, and a frequency of 21,600 times, the power store for 48 hours. The ETA2776 has a stop second function, which is the first time the tiller has stopped second. In addition to the 2776, the tiller also used a period of time ETA2483, and then fully entered the ETA2824. As far as I know, the tiller has been using ETA2824 since 1979 and has been in use for 38 years. From that point on, we can also see that 2824 is a very good engine for the rudder. 2824 effectively controls the price of the tiller, while 2824 is simple but reliable and stable. Compared to the ETA2892, the 2824 is thicker, but the thickness is not affected by the use of the rudder sports watch, which is based on the submersible. The ETA2824 of the tiller is a version of the beryllium bronze pendulum and Nivarox hair. Compared to the version of the ferronickel, the version of the rudder is better for the ability to resist temperature changes. At the same time, the rudder version of the 22824 core changes the fine adjustment of the fast slow needle, and has the high adjustment accuracy.

Although emperor rudder movement 2824 without observatory certification (I think this is for reasons of price controls, the movement to the observatory tests need to pay, to increase the price of the watch), according to a lot of players experience, walk a lot in the observatory also scope.

As of now, the imperial family Black Bay 36 and 41 continue to use 2824. The ETA 2776 of the rudder of the tiller. The ETA 2824 that the rudder USES. Use the 2824 engine Heritage Black Bay 36. Next, let’s take a look at the timing machine of the rudder. This is what we now call the “cat face hour watch”, which was launched in 1970. And conventional three needle movement, emperor rudder timing movement all rely on outsourcing (please note that rolex is until 2000 sell timing movement), timing all movement from valjoux/ETA (ETA) valjoux was later. The first time the rudder was used was valjoux 7734. This is a manual upper string, horizontal clutch, CAM timing machine, with frequency of 18000 times. The rudder was briefly used for a period of time, and soon replaced it with valjoux 234. The reason is that the 77,334 machine is 18000 slow, and the valjoux 234 is 21,600, which makes the timing more accurate. In addition, the valjoux 234 is a cylindrical wheel, although the tiller is a dense base, but we all know that the column wheel is more advanced. The valjoux 7734, which is used by the rudder, is manually operated with the timing machine.