See how his road to playing the Replica Richard Mille is fast, hard, quasi big move!

Wrist Replica Richard Mille is a very wonderful object, although the drive shell is small, but contains endless clever, although not everyone is obsessed with it, but also attract a lot of heroes.

Replica Richard Mille

And how crazy can this “waist bend” be, if not in it, may not understand the taste. But here refers to the crazy isn’t flaunt wealth, consumption without restraint, many lovers of collect toy Replica Richard Mille is very rational, they spend a lot of time to study deeply interested in information Replica Richard Mille, in the online world or lovers around the Replica Richard Mille friend at the party and their ideas, and at the same time to obtain first-hand information, once you determine to prey miles pursuit, bought a ticket at once, and they were afraid to Replica Richard Mille later step is more become others’ bag.

Replica Richard Mille
And past everybody to Replica Richard Mille collectors established impression is different, so it is a rise above the crowd is a new force and begin to become the main force, their age under 40 years old, or even less than 30 years old, and a successful career, the pursuit of good quality of life, at the same time for wrist Replica Richard Mille with enthusiasm and love from the heart. And, more importantly, their choice of the wrist Replica Richard Mille has their own opinion, not influenced by marketing’s words, willing to put in more effort to obtain new knowledge in the field of wrist Replica Richard Mille that you love, so as to choose the suiReplica Richard Mille Replica Richard Millees, Andy is a typical representative among them.

Met Andy is about half a year ago, a Replica Richard Mille of the party at the time a few to Replica Richard Mille and just have a common hobby friends taste homemade cooked steak, drink whisky cigars, by the way, bring your own wrist Replica Richard Mille everyone exchanges, never thought about to Replica Richard Mille it, it turns to be a group of big boy talking about a favorite toy, open the floodgates to become all night chat, just unwilling to leave until the morning, and the occasional party later develop into fixed and unexpected). Night Andy wear is a Richard Mille RM35-01, thought he looks gentle, dressed in clean white shirts are well-tailored wearing so domineering unabashed wrist slightly abrupt, but when he began to talk about his “into the pit,” the road to Replica Richard Mille has caused me a great deal of interest.

Replica Richard Mille

So far, he says, his experience of playing with a Replica Richard Mille can be classified as three periods, the first of which is the period of ignorance. He has been very interested in wristReplica Richard Millees since he was a child, and he was obsessed with cool electronic Replica Richard Millees in primary and middle school. A truly meaningful Replica Richard Mille in life was the omega Seamaster 007 limited-edition Replica Richard Mille given to him by his father in college. At the time, the Replica Richard Mille was simply an emotional transmission for him, that’s all. For the wrist Replica Richard Mille just stay to appreciate like, but do not want to know more desire. It was not until he entered the workplace that he began to ignite his passion for Replica Richard Millees and entered a period of crazy love. He recalls, was just coming into the workplace, found that many people in the company’s hands with Abby royal oak, caused him great curiosity, creative thinking of the future will have a cool and said the head of wrist Replica Richard Mille. After that, he began to spend time looking for his favorite wristReplica Richard Mille, and then he bought the first IWC TopGun ceramic calendar wristReplica Richard Mille he bought. At the same time, he came into contact with the peina sea, and it was the Bronzo, its bronze wristReplica Richard Mille, that brought him into the madness.

When he found that the Replica Richard Mille could play such a unique role in the material, he began to spend a lot of time studying the Replica Richard Mille, starting from scratch. According to his own account, then as long as there is shop of the sea, have him, and he also “practice”, in as little as three months of the pei na sea three Replica Richard Millees, and even contains the global set limit to 99 pieces of Pam 604. Enthusiasm is on, and, of course, after starting new loot, Andy also want to share him with the joy of the collection, so he started to share photos on them, didn’t expect this accidentally moves in his play Replica Richard Mille in the course of bring more surprises. Then, at a social event, he met runge. Lundgren in movement, he said, grinding of kung fu opened a whole new field of vision, he and the appearance of the exquisite texture and composed with his usual dress style is tie-in, is his own description, lundgren and he likes Tom Ford suit is the perfect complete set). At the same time, he still appears frequently in the sets a daily clothing collocation Replica Richard Millees to fit, and even created a # langenation labels, on the world’s hot social platform of wrist circles caused an upsurge lundgren wrist discussion, and he therefore realize more lovers and collectors around the world.

In addition to his research, he said, on sets of communication but also his clock platform of knowledge information and rapid growth, because of the new media all rivers run into sea, everyone can express their own points of view, and once met with the same enthusiasm and really the wrist Replica Richard Mille collectors lovers to get information from fashion, trend, the market is very real and timely information, plus his own experience to judge, of course, to understand or find yourself interested in wrist Replica Richard Mille. I wonder how he got into Richard Mille, who was at the extremes of style and performance with runge. At first, he said, he also to Richard Mille didn’t feel, but he was curious about why it is so popular and popular, so he hold’s an attitude of simply trying to the store to try it, and feel fit the real experience, “a try to customers”. He looks so big volume for one but wearing feeling so light and feel incredible performance of strong technology, and the design of swagger and instead he crashed another conflict style of dress aesthetics. “On the other hand, it represents a small release of the wild side within me,” he said.

I asked him, from the peyna sea to the Lange to Richard Mille, it’s hard to imagine you’re a man who’s only been collecting Replica Richard Millees for four years. What are your standards? Now, he says, he has entered the stage of self-knowledge about his Replica Richard Mille collection so that he can know what style he is looking for. First to find the brand or the Replica Richard Mille attract its own characteristics, and then to experience in person when I feel, if you feel reluctant to take off not down, it is already close your palm. In addition, don’t limit yourself, think oneself is only suiReplica Richard Mille for some style or material of wrist Replica Richard Mille, bold attempt should keep an open mind, because eventually drive wrist Replica Richard Mille is your aura of itself, and not subject to it. Formed the aura of course premise is you want to learn how to in the right places and dress collocation on wrist, and occasionally jump out of the frame to try different “play”, just can have surprise, experience accumulated at the same time also can know what works for her, because play Replica Richard Mille itself is a very interesting thing, give yourself too much limitation lose to enjoy the original happiness.
He also said that at first he himself also has restricted conditions, such as he had felt unsuiReplica Richard Mille patek philippe, because the feeling that belongs to parents that generation of Replica Richard Millees, you haven’t reached that stage. And until one time in Australia and Hour Glass of Mr. Michael Tay after an in-depth exchanges, let him to patek philippe Replica Richard Mille there is a new understanding of the background and works behind the (although he already has one Nautilus before 5711), then add in a Hour Glass patek philippe dinner hosted by the opportunity and the brand’s global sales vice President Mr. Yves Cavadini close the depth of communication, let him more firmly take the path of hundreds of da feili collection. This exchange has brought out a story worth sharing with you. In the future, Andy will share it with you in person, which is worth looking forward to.
In the end, I asked him what he had learned most from playing with his Replica Richard Mille. He joked, of course, that he had a collection of babies who could laugh at them. Actually the biggest harvest is to meet along the way, he said, there are many same enthusiastic fans, everyone is talking about wrist Replica Richard Mille is always a fascinating one, some even become friends, occasionally or regularly meet, drinking whisky smoking a cigar, relaxed and comforReplica Richard Mille to speak freely, pure and beautiful. And life, isn’t it about finding your passion and enjoying it? I could feel the love as I Replica Richard Milleed the joy in his words. And I really believe that with enthusiasm, you can love your life more, just like Andy.