Replica Richard Mille RM 67-02 High Jump automatic wrist Replica Richard Mille inspection

12There are corresponding Replica Richard Millees for sprinting and equestrian sports, etc. In the 2017 world athletics championships, the brand is tailor-made RM 67-02 High Jump wrist Replica Richard Mille for Mutaz Essa Barshim, the king of High Jump. (model: RM 67-02 High Jump)

Replica Richard Mille

Replica Richard Mille the whole real – time

The dial is photographed in detail

Replica Richard Mille
Wrist Replica Richard Mille accords with the human body engineering characteristic perfectly, extremely comforReplica Richard Mille stick close to the body, be like the 2 layers skin of athlete, deft, thin, athletic feeling dye-in-the-wood surface body line, highlight athletic quality especially. In addition to the iconic features of the RM brand sports Replica Richard Mille, this product also combines four extensions to strengthen the Replica Richard Mille case structure.

Replica Richard Mille case details in action
Case by RICHARD MILLE unique TPT ® carbon fiber and TPT ® quartz composite material, has excellent impact resistance performance. The slender assembly of 7.8mm Replica Richard Mille ring/Replica Richard Mille ring/bottom cover does not impair its physical performance, nor does it affect the ability to handle various situations that may occur during high level movement.

Replica Richard Mille
Replica Richard Mille back details real – time

TPT ® quartz mystery lies in the fact that the maximum diameter of only 45 micron silicon thin layer overlay. Through dedicated machine assembly, adjust the fiber direction, make each layer of a 45 ° Angle, then immersed in the new research and development of three kinds of color resin: Mutaz is the qataris, in collaboration with his RM 67-02 High Jump style wrist Replica Richard Mille with dark red resin.
Involute profile can provide 20 ° pressure Angle, the optimization of gear system, combined with the variable inertia balance wheel, make sure to provide excellent power transmission box spring, ensure 50 hours long lasting performance.

In order to achieve the extreme wearing experience of RM 67-02 automatic upper chain wrist Replica Richard Mille, RICHARD MILLE has equipped this wrist Replica Richard Mille with a new comforReplica Richard Mille band. The Replica Richard Mille band adopts the overall seamless, anti-skid design, which is extremely elastic, can comply with the ergonomics, and perfectly fit all wrist curves. This is the lightest band ever made by the RM brand, reducing the weight of RM 67-02 to just 32 grams. Make RM 67-02 the lightest automatic mechanical Replica Richard Mille in the RICHARD MILLE series.