Richard miller joint chantilly “art and elegance” participation antique car show

Cheap Richard miller watches with chantilly “art and elegance” antique show joint. Tiffany’s “art and elegance” antique car show in combination with history can be traced back to the 1920 s.It was used for French people bring a fresh breath of life. Now, the event will be held on 7 September 2016.

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The event was founded by Peter Auto company, near Paris chantilly held in the castle garden.Activity will show from the garage and museum collection of a large number of precious models, and by today’s automotive manufacturers to design the most unique avant-garde concept car.
Keep elegant car racing spirit in the past, the past antique car show.Contestants are always dress up in wife accompanied by appearances.The auto show models will also be wearing designed by European famous designers, senior fashion appearance. Like a car in the world, the symbol of female style Richard miller in 2014 launched a Femme Mille ms series wrist watch.

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In the elite event there will be 400 vehicles from the world’s top brands club, including rolls Royce, Della, “Facel vega and aston Martin.The chantilly castle garden the spectacular scenery, organizers will activities as the theme of “Elegant Sunday in the country (Elegant Sunday in the Countryside)”. This activity is to the French art of living a full range of praise. “Art and craft”, “in the past to the future” and “cars and fashion topics such as” almost covered all areas of excellence in France, ranging from art to food and luxury goods, all in a day in the flowers.Chantilly, without a doubt, “art and elegant antique car show” will be the year of Europe’s most elegant antique car show.

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Richard miller RM 50-01 wrist watch

Richard miller RM 50-01 wrist watch.This movement style of the wrist watch display and the perfect harmony of formula 1 racing car.It carries on the one hand the tourbillon timing chain movement and equipped with gravity sensor. The movement is in line with timing mechanism is reasonable.The details of the architecture layout and calculation by using technology to avoid unnecessary waste of energy and motion. Also a large number of adopted a wide range of new materials such as titanium.

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The same as the mechanical structure of the car. machine core assembly in a grade 5 titanium substrate, to watch provides excellent stability and improve its function. The car race, the driver must keep track of the car all the information and performance. Based on this observation, the RM 50-01 watch with the crown display function is to observe the position of the crown of all the time, but also with a gravity sensor, can display driver in the deceleration phase of gravity. The whole machine core consists of more than 500 parts.

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Watchcase have NTPT ® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber material wrist watch or rose gold material and NTPT ® carbon fiber material.The carbon fiber material is Richard miller exclusive design and production of new materials.By more than 600 of each layer is only 30 microns of woven carbon fiber demand by compression and heat treatment to the strength and hardness of made, unbelievable.

The RM 50-01 wrist watch will be limited production of only 30, is a born in Switzerland for a French car driver’s license of special formula one racing driver romain grosjean wrist watch. Watch of wrist of each manager will also be attached to a road racing team one 5 scale model of the reduction of the car.

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