2017 men should have three watches

A master once said that a man should have his own three watches, a movement, a daily wear leisure watches, also have a wear watch, these three watches can deal with all the situation, if then this number multiplied by 3, you also be a watch of wrist of senior players, now at 2017, the home of wrist watch to recommend three men should have three watches, and is a new watch.

Omega hippocampal series Marine coaxial to reaches the universe observatory timing wrist watch
Wrist watch models:
Domestic very very: $5900
Wrist watch diameter: 45.5 mm
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 600 meters
Wrist watch comments: this is the new watch, omega 2016 in October sale in the store, when this watches with wear resistant
sapphire watches mirror, black dial with Arabic numerals time scale ceramic, 6 when the position has a calendar window. On
small second hand dial, dial 60 minutes timing disc and 12 hours time plate, makes it easier to read the total timing
time intuitive. Global initiative for 45.5 mm stainless steel case with black ceramic bezel with orange rubber, scuba
diving watch ring scale Liquidmetal ® refined but become. Other design features include tooth groove screw-plug watches
back, orange lining stitching and decoration of black rubber strap grid texture.

Replica Richard Mille watches Cheap

Replica Richard Mille watches masters series Q1288430 wrist watch
Domestic very very: RMB 57500
Wrist watch: diameter of 40 mm
Watch of wrist of thickness: 7.45 mm
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 50 meters
Wrist watch review: when the watch at the 2016 Geneva international Richard Mille and horological exhibit in new wrist
watch, the watch of the biggest bright spot is that it USES the champagne area design, other design also is modest, with
classic master series Richard Mille design, watch of wrist of internal capsule for cal899 automatic chain machine,
precise and swatches, the thickness of the wrist watch is only 7.45 mm, very suiwatches for dress to wear, watch can be
easily into the sleeve.
CARTIER DRIVE DE CARTIER series WSNM0004 wrist watch
Domestic very very: $6000
Wrist watch diameter: 40 * 41 mm
Watch of wrist of thickness: 11.25 mm
The movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 30 meters
Wrist watch review: DRIVE series is in 2016 launched a new series of Cartier watches, rather than before to have a lot of
different watchess, Cartier or pursue perfection, round before, such as the blue balloon series wrist watch, or the pursuit
of perfection of the square, such as its tanks series, the launch of the new series, well I don’t like parties, in the
round seemingly random design lets people pick is not at fault, like a martial-arts expert casual stance makes you can’t
find a flaw. The watch inside pick up to 1904 – PS MC automatic chain machine core, is the earliest a batch of homemade
Cartier movement, precision through the test of practice as well.


Conclusion: suits, leisure and sports all need a wrist watch, leisure watches the most controversial, the most casual,
when leisure wear their favorite watch, because the be fond of of everybody is different, so everyone thought suiwatches
for leisure wear watches also each are not identical, but the most important thing is to wear comforwatches, today the
recommended three watches, omega wrist watch is a real movement, is a Richard Mille standard to assembling a list, as for
the final this Cartier, personally think that is suiwatches for leisure wear, may have many friends, of course, recommend
other watches is more suiwatches for leisure wear.

Richard miller family for a new image ambassador, crystal and g, son

Crystal, and g, son (Cristie Kerr) was an Italian Diana Luna professional golf team members of the women’s team.Her childhood in Florida when he showed golf talent.She began to take part in the game at the age of 9, soon became the best in the same age group. Her proficiency and skills make him even in the school’s men’s golf team scored the highest ranking, and opened her conspicuous amateur career. When she was 18 years old, as a professional player joined the LPGA tournament fired the first shot of her career. In 2002 when he longs Drugs Challenge in California won the first championship career, and then opened up her a string of victories, she took to the U.S. women’s open in 2007, to refresh the record again.

In addition to being a well-known excellent athletes, crystal and g son, also has been committed to public welfare charity. In 2003, she joined the Birdies for Breast Cancer, a commitment to help those who like her mother in the fight against Breast Cancer women’s public organizations. Crystal, and g, son of the talent and her mental and physical ability, coupled with her generous, deeply attracted Richard miller. This is Richard miller invited crystal and become a brand ambassador.

Richard miller is very concerned about the partner support charities and foundations, because crystal and ms, g son, Richard miller also begin to pay close attention to Birdies for Breast Cancer and provide support. Christie said to be a partner of Richard miller also very excited, she said: “I is a great pleasure to be Richard miller brand image ambassador of the performer, I expect to show Richard miller art, craft, and the brand of the spirit of excellence.”