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UK on whether to stay in the European Union in a referendum, the vote results show support narrowly beat “take off the” votes “for the” votes, Britain will no longer belong to the eu member states. News, netizens blasted pot, all kinds of view holds out first.

Britain’s people in addition to the political, is more concerned about the economy. Such as travel to the UK tourism is cheaper? British luxury pricing will have to adjust? Act as purchasing agency will be cheaper? We
had an interview with the ministry of commerce international trade research institute. Bai Ming according to the UK after take off the consumer is a good thing for China. Off after the slump in the pound, pound against the yuan has fallen sharply and some non-us currencies against the USD exchange rate lower, will reduce the cost of travel to the UK tourism, stimulate consumption, this is a good thing for people,international students in there days will be better, but this is only a relatively short term. The reporter understands from the travel agency, there have been many companies launched a series of products for UK travel, there is a big discount than ever before.

Sterling makes its products become relatively cheap, not only to attract a large number of Chinese sweep the goods, but also to act as purchasing agency business online blazing up again. The UK is in the midst of the
years discount season, many retailers are offering as low as 50%, 40% discount promotions. If add the exchange rate for pound sterling into USD, fold on the discount price is quite attractive. And act as purchasing agency needs emerging in social media at the same time, those who buy overseas online shopping website sterling consumer guides, for example, the little red book has been recommended in the case of project: slump in the pound, buy the most cost-effective. Reporter saw, on Tmall British famous care brand HOLLAND&BARRETT and department store HOUSE OF FRASER has been OF some commodities clearly in the “off the price.

The personage inside course of study analysis, after take off the British luxury prices or tends to rise in the future. And drive the prices of reason, is the British luxury brands facing Europe, sterling devaluation
brought about by the rising cost of production, and retail. Many British brands are made in Asia, with sterling devaluation, the production costs will rise. On the other hand, the British fashion brand very close
and the European Union. In order to guarantee high quality, texture and design there are many brand insisted on members of the European Union countries such as Italy production, design, once out of the European Union, the trade cost will be higher. With Burberry, for example, the brand most products are manufactured in Italy,
65% of the cost of sales in euros, pounds once devaluation, raw materials procurement and production costs will rise sharply. Also because of this concern, the British fashion is, refusing to take off the British
fashion council recently released the results of a survey shows that in 290 the British designer, 90% chose to stay in the European Union, only 4.3% of designers expressed support for Europe. The result is not surprising.
If your eye will find that the designers as early as the published outside of his own voice. IN the just- concluded 2017 spring and summer London menswear designer Christopher Raeburn designed a embedded IN the “IN” letters patch fleece; (the two designers Cozette McCreery, Sid is greatly IN writing by Bryan greatly “IN” word T-shirt IN shows bowed out. And just this year from the world famous design university Central Saint Martins in London, Central Saint Martins) graduated from Philip Ellis to support Britain left Europe for inspiration to design a whole series of traditional English proverb.

Britain’s, affects the entire monetary system, also need to see in the future. And many British luxury brands are a crossroads wandering, where to go, the unknown is whether it is a new sales strategy. At press time,
Burberry, Mulberry, ECCO brand did not respond.

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Know more about the Replica Richard Mille tourbillon watches is important

For mechanical watch, we may know more about the Replica Richard Mille tourbillon watches.But if you understand more deeply, there is also a noun should know.That is caruso. Both are in order to reduce the influence of gravity walking to the wrist watch.

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Richard Mille RM 012 Tourbillon watches
2016 Basel exhibition on the watches, Richard Mille watches’s Le Brassus series card Luo Sutuo flywheel wrist watch. The card for the first time Russell and tuo flywheel speed control system integration.And it is innovation.
Also let people of the two technology had an unprecedented attention. In two aims to reduce the effects of gravity on the movement operation important device.The tourbillon watches and caruso reputation in the clock, so how do they have their own characteristics, and what’s the difference.

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Richard Mille RM 002-1 watches

Richard Mille 51 30 was invented, capture the tourbillon watches longitudinal mechanism, the rotation of the framework is to through the tourbillon watches to counteract gravity escapement clock error caused by the parts in the system. The accuracy requirement of the late 17th century. people need watch significantly increased, and unable to tolerate the “poor position”. Therefore, breguet wring, seeking solutions. He thought it was
influenced by gravity escapement unit.Because of its part in a fixed motion.If make this part of the location of the constantly changing, different orientation leads to the vast majority of cases to offset the effect of gravity. According to this conception, breguet has come up with a wonderful artical excelling nature. He put the escape longitudinal speed control system installed in a frame (Carriage). This framework to a certain
speed continuously.

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Richard Mille RM 019 Ladies Tourbillon
Ordinary mechanical watch, due to the escapement balance spring in the system which are influenced by the looseness, metal fatigu.The law of the torsion pendulum swing will be influenced by gravity, so the error is
bigger. The tourbillon watches tackled in overcoming the above series of longitudinal control device influence plays a considerable role. Especially when the era of pocket watch, and tackled the longitudinal institutions
for precision clock’s travel time has a lot of ascension. Although now watch face more location changes, the tourbillon watches calibration precision ability weakened, however, the tourbillon watches as top tabulation technology, still sought after by the most favorite mechanical TAB watches fan.


Replica Richard Mille watches – week calendar series of yellow gold watch

18 k gold watch is elegant with the chain. Outer ring and the rear case of triangular hole grain has the same function and appearance for Replica Richard Mille watches. Standard three needle configuration, the dress looks noble and generous. In 41 mm dial gold has 10 set auger timing, 12 o ‘clock position below the Richard Mille logo. Overall the beauty is generous it enough to conquer any need to attend the occasion.

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Whether Richard Mille Chronograph Rattrapante RM 002 V2 Platinum is washing the car, or swimming; Whether washs a face, or in the rain; Even the diving and snorkeling the $100 m of waterproof effect can support. Richard Mille watches, after all, diving watches the world’s
leading brand.With lasting precision are notoriously tough, that there is no problem for Richard Mille a little bit of corrosion. Crown with atlas are screw-plug more effective waterproof. 3 points of big window can display the date for the month calendar, the calendar window design is derived from water droplets, was also the Richard Mille watches friends nicknamed the “bubble” this also is one of the details of Richard Mille classic. Week such as window display at 12 o ‘clock position is particularly important. Double calendar is the Day – the Date, also is the most suiwatches business daily distribution watches.

cheap replica richard-mille watches-sale

Richard Mille mens watches – week calendar series of yellow gold watch USES a Richard Mille, 3156, 218238-83218 automatic chain machine, 3156 movement is developed by the Richard Mille, the Swiss government observatory certification, listed in 2008. This stopwatch with all the oyster type, accurate and reliable, full chain about 48 hours can provide motivation. On balance wheel is blue PARACHROM paramagnetism of the balance spring for Richard Mille exclusive self- control, and owns the patent. Cal. 3156 movement is Richard Mille, one of the few, also have PARACHROM hairspring and
PARAFLEX cushioning device movement, movement of carrying two USES the special treatment of “red”, have extremely strong wear resistance, and can even than le (w) on the chain system is a relatively high and low.
Richard Mille mens watches – week calendar series of yellow gold, 218238-83218 USES the classical appearance of Richard Mille consumption type, is also a homemade gold Richard Mille watch case, molding, machining, grinding are doubly careful caress, make gold glorious takes a person. This watch no complex timing functions, only simple double calendar display function. A glittering King can bring you enough aura and become the focus of the crowd, and compared with the ordinary three needles, the Richard Mille Richard Mille 218238-83218 – week calendar series yellow watch looks more
business more formal, so whether attend business occasions or a formal dinner, it is one of the ideal watches to choose.

Richard Mille mens watches- week calendar series of yellow gold. 218238-83218
All watches price: USD 243000
The basic parameters:
Type series: week calendar series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic machinery
Atlas: gold
Size: 41 mm
Crown: ordinary
The bottom of the watches: not gone
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: golden
Gold band:
Band color: golden
Watch button: folding clasp
Waterproof: 100 meters

The purchase of the rudder is the way of life

The reason is that the technology content is higher. In fact, it’s really important for a watch, but it doesn’t play a decisive role. We can have a look, cheap nixon watches and vacheron constantin, Ap, Swiss tradition tabulation troika, clocks and watches the three most famous brand, for a long time, are using outsourcing in movement, even after the have their own produced machine core, is still part of the introduction of other watch brand production movement. And the source of the machine is abundant, for example, patek philippe has used the FP machine core, the product home machine; Jiang shiden-dan used the FP machine core, the product home machine core, the chipper machine core; Love has used the core of the home. Even rolex, which has always been a full-on self-production, used real time timing, so it doesn’t matter what the core is.

A few small brands, devotion to use its movement, not only have no impact on the brand promotion effect, but because they do not mature, resulting in failure of watches, influence the brand reputation. We can also use cars to illustrate the problem. Audi provides the engine for lamborghini. Mercedes provides engines for aston Martin; BMW and logo share 1.6 T engines. Obviously, the most important thing for luxury brands is building brand value compared to solving technical problems. I used to think that top brands don’t have to build their own, and they can do it on their own. Above is the main model of the two years of the king’s rudder. All the watches in the chart are bought with an external purchase. The motto of the tiller brand is to provide the same quality as rolex, but a lower price watch. We all know that the tiller also has the same oyster shell, waterproof and dust-proof capabilities as rolex. For a long period of time, the rudder and rolex Shared the shell parts, and many of the parts of the rudder were directly used by rolex. So how does the rudder watch reduce the price, since it’s a part of the rolex, and the answer is that it’s the rudder. The rudder was built from the outsourcing machine. The road of the king’s purchase is a two-part, three-pin machine and timing machine. First we look at the three pins.

In the 1950s, the source of the machine was the Fluerier machine. For economic reasons, the rudder was chosen to buy Fluerier in the first place, because it was cheaper than rolex to push the price down to the rolex. The water ghost SUBMARINER (6204) used a rolex 1030, the 1030 machine with a two-way upper string capability at the time. In the first, had considered to emperor rudder use 1030 movement, but because of the price, the emperor rudder give up using the same movement and rolex water 6204, switch to buy since Fluerier 350 movement. The rudder has improved the Fluerier 350 (which is also the tradition of the tiller). The rudder gave the original plant Fluerier 350 an automatic upper part, changed the wheel, and after an improvement, the helm was named 390 machine core. The 3390 machine is used in the rudder Oyster of Oyster Prince Submariner 7922 (the Oyster Prince), 7924, 7925, and 7928.

The 390 automatic upper chord of the rudder. After a brief use of the Fluerier, the rudder went into the outsourcing of the ETA machine. Starting in the mid-1960s, he began using the outsourcing ETA machine. The first thing that was used was the ETA2776. The ETA2776 is an autowound core. With a diameter of 25.6mm, 17 jewel bearings, and a frequency of 21,600 times, the power store for 48 hours. The ETA2776 has a stop second function, which is the first time the tiller has stopped second. In addition to the 2776, the tiller also used a period of time ETA2483, and then fully entered the ETA2824. As far as I know, the tiller has been using ETA2824 since 1979 and has been in use for 38 years. From that point on, we can also see that 2824 is a very good engine for the rudder. 2824 effectively controls the price of the tiller, while 2824 is simple but reliable and stable. Compared to the ETA2892, the 2824 is thicker, but the thickness is not affected by the use of the rudder sports watch, which is based on the submersible. The ETA2824 of the tiller is a version of the beryllium bronze pendulum and Nivarox hair. Compared to the version of the ferronickel, the version of the rudder is better for the ability to resist temperature changes. At the same time, the rudder version of the 22824 core changes the fine adjustment of the fast slow needle, and has the high adjustment accuracy.

Although emperor rudder movement 2824 without observatory certification (I think this is for reasons of price controls, the movement to the observatory tests need to pay, to increase the price of the watch), according to a lot of players experience, walk a lot in the observatory also scope.

As of now, the imperial family Black Bay 36 and 41 continue to use 2824. The ETA 2776 of the rudder of the tiller. The ETA 2824 that the rudder USES. Use the 2824 engine Heritage Black Bay 36. Next, let’s take a look at the timing machine of the rudder. This is what we now call the “cat face hour watch”, which was launched in 1970. And conventional three needle movement, emperor rudder timing movement all rely on outsourcing (please note that rolex is until 2000 sell timing movement), timing all movement from valjoux/ETA (ETA) valjoux was later. The first time the rudder was used was valjoux 7734. This is a manual upper string, horizontal clutch, CAM timing machine, with frequency of 18000 times. The rudder was briefly used for a period of time, and soon replaced it with valjoux 234. The reason is that the 77,334 machine is 18000 slow, and the valjoux 234 is 21,600, which makes the timing more accurate. In addition, the valjoux 234 is a cylindrical wheel, although the tiller is a dense base, but we all know that the column wheel is more advanced. The valjoux 7734, which is used by the rudder, is manually operated with the timing machine.


Richard miller wrist rankings

Cheap Richard miller watches readily to launch the RM 030 “Black Dash” limited wrist watch. And released in May this year “Whtie Rush”, RM 030 “Black Dash” wrist watch innovative materials science and technology, carrying the manual polishing machine, realizes the advanced TAB style and new heights of performance. On both sides of the watches circle to TZP ceramics of sandblasting, whereas watches ring by the strength of the light NTPT carbon fibres. Red, white and black crown and rubber strap, set off the Arabic numerals, a pointer and flange, ensure the excellent illegible effect.


The wrist watch with an automatic winding machine, automatic assembly can automatically remove the variable geometry tuo. When on foot clockwork spring box spring will automatically from the winding system of automatic tuo, so as to avoid excessive top chord. In addition, this mechanism is also connected to the 9 o ‘clock position power storage display, bent to provide optimal control. This also makes the movement and oscillator operate under the best constant torque/power ratio, to ensure accurate timing performance.


RM 030 “Black Dash” wrist was Richard miller bar harbor, Beverly hills, Las Vegas boutiques and American public sale, limited 50 pieces, the price is $140000.

The national treasure of scarce, Richard miller

Richard miller watches replica, hand in hand to the international street artists Cyril Kongo, new RM 68-01 KongoTourbillon limited wrist watch, the latter will tourbillon movement into an unprecedented work of art.


The watch set limit to 30, Richard miller shop sold around the world, only in July this year officially listed. Worthy of the name “wrist art treasures,” RM 68-01 KongoTourbillon wrist watch will create watchmaking history. This is the first time, a street artist will own the vast world into a tiny wrist movement.


With Cyril Kongo’s words: “I’m from graffiti. All of my works are originated from there. Graffiti is my painting school, I learn from the streets. I need to keep in touch with the world, at the same time pay attention to what is happening in other places. Graffiti is a kind of language, has its own rules, is also a form of writing, no matter on the wall, canvas, or any other surface. My paintings are not confined to a single room or a specific surface.”


Graffiti artist Cyril Phan was born in Toulouse, France in 1969, now lives in Paris, with Cyril Kongo name enjoy international reputation. Just ten years, Cyril Kongo on their own, climb the top of the French and European art and culture. For the accused of graffiti art, as well as for more than twenty years experience as a member of the MAC CREW group, makes him a graffiti to be one of the world’s most legendary. As time goes on, Cyril Kongo development open art view, is not limited to graffiti, but through the artistic expression become the mature and more fully. With murals for inspiration inspiration, in essence, Cyril Kongo graffiti has transformed into a genre.

A chance encounter contributed to Richard miller and Cyril Kongo cooperation, as well as the RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wristwatch. However, the watch is not only a Richard miller and Cyril Kongo collaboration results, in fact, it is a series of works of art created by the latter. RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon watches are Cyril Kongo by micro tools manual spraying retouching, each one is unique

Cyril Kongo added: “to build the RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon watches need special research and development tools, in order to carry on the watch of wrist of 5 cm square painting, I spent more than a year of time to do the experiment. Some components only a few millimeters long and some even smaller, my job is to print letters on design, both to ensure enough visual effect, and can’t use too much paint, lest destroy balance wheel balance. Like a complete car, I need to print the chassis, engine, and each piston and so on.”

Through the new RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wrist the bottom of the watches, you can see the Tourbillon movement substrate central radiation effect, like a squirrel in the spark on metope paint. From the wrist watch positive view, different movement bridge plate extending in different directions, like street art paintings in the wild brush strokes. Wrist watch case to grade 5 titanium metal, using asymmetric design, tie-in NTPT ring of carbon fiber sheet and TZP black ceramic bezel. RM 68-01 Kongo Tourbillon wristwatch fusion modern machinery and visual arts, is one of the unique interpretation and expression of time measurement in the 21st century. It is reported, this watch for $685000

Nadal won the Swiss watchmaker Will wear watch of wrist of 500000 games

Although a recent years performances on the pitch is not strong as the past,nadal’s influence is not compromised. Recently, Geneva, Switzerland cheap richard mille watches maker Daniel rui chi – mai di offer an olive branch to the Spaniard, successful invited as a brand ambassador.


Nadal fan must be in to him after the match that set of actions is very familiar with, including the walk to the front of the net and rival hug, to the crowd, shaking hands with the referee, go back to the chair put the racket in the end, put on sponsors specially make coat, wear a watch, sign your name
on the camera lens. As the world’s top watchmaker, rui chi – one that attracts mai di the penultimate step. Although the two sides did not reveal the signing amount is how much, at least the Spaniard won a $530000 watch.


This watch global limited release 50 plan, nadal is worn by the number 027 of that one.

This makes nadal after federer rolex signed another
cooperation with top watchmaker tennis player. After rui chi – mai di has been active in the car, they sponsored F1 Grand Prix, macau Grand Prix and GP2 RACES. Ferrari’s felipe massa as early as 2004 wore Richard rich – mai di RM006 wrist watch
game, the brand watch is one of the biggest characteristic of the vibration resistance, even in F1 such fierce competition also can ensure accurate as well.

And Richard miller series wrist watch has its unique details in design, both on the dial and strap or clasp both classic and fashion. From sponsors, they said the temperament of their products and rafael nadal.

These watches is a goal for men

The royal oak series double torsion pendulum hollow out wrist fine steel product prices is $4410, rose gold price $7680.

Richard Mille RM50-02 two seconds after the tourbillon timing clock needle
Richard miller brand is a blend of top technology and high-tech design create a chronometer, makes the young Swiss luxury brand almost become a category. When it comes to advanced complex watches, Richard miller, Renaud & Papi machine factory cooperation with Abby invention created a series of crazy and strange movement, to match their bold and complex design.
The RM50-02 ACJ two seconds after the tourbillon timing clock needle, with their new partners is Richard miller “airbus business department (ACJ)” hand in hand to create watches of the new. ACJ chief creative designer to imitate the appearance of the outsider prevented, at the same time with a distinctive style of Richard miller, the RM50-02 movement wrist watch equipped with instantaneous timer movement and new tourbillon, made of titanium aluminum alloy forge and equipped with white ceramic side watchess. Also reached the sky-high price, 1050000, equivalent to 6.83 million.

Gao Po fuss Signature1 wrist watch
The Gao Po fuss Signature (1) SG01 wrist watch is a new concept of brand. Did not have the characteristics of the tourbillon, this SG01 wrist watch is a collaborative production, which has Gao Po fuss and a brilliant watch maker – Didier J.G. Cretin signed, instantaneous high pretend bility.

Although is a less complicated small three needle design, but this is SG01 wrist watch still is the same as the other complex meter GF emits the same charm. Them with their huge balance wheel system to 3 hz frequency operation, and stainless steel watchcase (first choice, this is SG01 Gao Po rich entry-level watches of the newest items, only limited release 66, half of which is stainless steel, the starting price is: $170000, equivalent to about 1.1 million.

Richard miller RM 017 super flat the tourbillon wrist watch

Rectangular case – optional titanium alloy, 18 k white gold or rose gold and diamond watch case.After the RM 016 debut the rectangular case, RM 017 tourbillon watch is the first with a rectangular case the tourbillon wristwatch.

RM 50-01 watches sale

As Richard Mille each works, RM 017 represents the traditional and advanced tabulation technology superb. the new plate, screw Silk, andeven a pointer, is pure manual modification.RM 017 super flat the tourbillon watches the size of the 49.80 mm x 38.00 mm x 38.00 mm.It is 12 o ‘clock and 6 o ‘clock.Stick is designed.The curve of the wrist and taper design, satisfy all Richard Mille fans look forward to RM 017 movement has 23 jewel bearing.Frequency of 3 hz, the size of 31.20 mm x 29.45 mm, the thickness of only 4.65

2016 new Cheap Richard Mille watches

Mm. RM 017 manual chain movement is so far the thinnest one tuo flywheel movement.In addition, the RM 017 tourbillon adopts frame shape level 5 and after black PVD coating processing of titanium alloy plate.It plywood and balance cock can be improved.Overall firmness and surface smoothness of the movement.The good running of the gear train is crucial. Hard material made the titanium alloy machine.A extremely time-consuming; At the same time, given the flammable characteristics of titanium in the machining process, thereby provide additional security requirements in the manufacturing process.Preventive measures. The super flat all the tourbillon watch plate and titanium alloy parts have been independent extensive verification test, to ensure the best.

Degree requirements.
The function of RM 017 show that same for Richard Mille passion for mechanical innovation. The concept is similar to automobile gearbox, as long as Pull out the crown, can choose W (chain), N (gap), H (manual) three functions. With this special gear system, applying

cheap RM 50-01 watches

To the stress on the crown to minimize and avoid crown function affect the movement. In addition to design a value-add gear security system and torque.Limit crown, to avoid the super draw dynamic movement on the chain chain and damage due to excessive.Watch of wrist of RM 017 will be racing with nautical sports element in the series for reference to consummate and ultrathin crust, it is graceful, is the most thin wrist,
Watchcase production embodies the unique craftsmanship, every little detail and manufacturing process are under consideration, only 3 big case (watches ring, watches and watch case bottom lid) must be after stamping and machining process that many. Only instrument regulation requires more than 18 days, and at the beginning of life.Before production, technology research and development and the need to process drawing more than 400 hours. Each case must be over 202 independent processing operations.017 case need after 39 forging procedures, including 16 milling process that rap and 270. The machine up to 4 hours

Minutes. Said to seiko modify homework, need 1 day time for grinding, glazing and polishing.The design and manufacture of the watch case, to express movement, case and dial all the parts of a whole set of design concept. A road of fine work

cheap RM 50-01 watches

Art almost harsh, for example, no longer use outer ring, but the movement with four titanium alloy screws fixed rubber fixed installed in the chassisThe three body watch case with two nitrile butadiene O ring can guarantee 30 meters waterproof performance. Case is using spline titanium alloy screws and 12 level 5Wear resistance of 316 l stainless steel gasket assembled.Convergence curve of sophisticated technology, elegant flavor, unique, practical function and outstanding individual character and a suit, the RM 017 super flat the tourbillon watch is without a doubt
Richard Mille brand one of the representative works

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