Replica Richard Mille watches – week calendar series of yellow gold watch

18 k gold watch is elegant with the chain. Outer ring and the rear case of triangular hole grain has the same function and appearance for Replica Richard Mille watches. Standard three needle configuration, the dress looks noble and generous. In 41 mm dial gold has 10 set auger timing, 12 o ‘clock position below the Richard Mille logo. Overall the beauty is generous it enough to conquer any need to attend the occasion.

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Whether Richard Mille Chronograph Rattrapante RM 002 V2 Platinum is washing the car, or swimming; Whether washs a face, or in the rain; Even the diving and snorkeling the $100 m of waterproof effect can support. Richard Mille watches, after all, diving watches the world’s
leading brand.With lasting precision are notoriously tough, that there is no problem for Richard Mille a little bit of corrosion. Crown with atlas are screw-plug more effective waterproof. 3 points of big window can display the date for the month calendar, the calendar window design is derived from water droplets, was also the Richard Mille watches friends nicknamed the “bubble” this also is one of the details of Richard Mille classic. Week such as window display at 12 o ‘clock position is particularly important. Double calendar is the Day – the Date, also is the most suiwatches business daily distribution watches.

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Richard Mille mens watches – week calendar series of yellow gold watch USES a Richard Mille, 3156, 218238-83218 automatic chain machine, 3156 movement is developed by the Richard Mille, the Swiss government observatory certification, listed in 2008. This stopwatch with all the oyster type, accurate and reliable, full chain about 48 hours can provide motivation. On balance wheel is blue PARACHROM paramagnetism of the balance spring for Richard Mille exclusive self- control, and owns the patent. Cal. 3156 movement is Richard Mille, one of the few, also have PARACHROM hairspring and
PARAFLEX cushioning device movement, movement of carrying two USES the special treatment of “red”, have extremely strong wear resistance, and can even than le (w) on the chain system is a relatively high and low.
Richard Mille mens watches – week calendar series of yellow gold, 218238-83218 USES the classical appearance of Richard Mille consumption type, is also a homemade gold Richard Mille watch case, molding, machining, grinding are doubly careful caress, make gold glorious takes a person. This watch no complex timing functions, only simple double calendar display function. A glittering King can bring you enough aura and become the focus of the crowd, and compared with the ordinary three needles, the Richard Mille Richard Mille 218238-83218 – week calendar series yellow watch looks more
business more formal, so whether attend business occasions or a formal dinner, it is one of the ideal watches to choose.

Richard Mille mens watches- week calendar series of yellow gold. 218238-83218
All watches price: USD 243000
The basic parameters:
Type series: week calendar series
Style: men’s watch
Movement: automatic machinery
Atlas: gold
Size: 41 mm
Crown: ordinary
The bottom of the watches: not gone
watches mirror: sapphire crystal glass
Dial: golden
Gold band:
Band color: golden
Watch button: folding clasp
Waterproof: 100 meters

The purchase of the rudder is the way of life

The reason is that the technology content is higher. In fact, it’s really important for a watch, but it doesn’t play a decisive role. We can have a look, cheap nixon watches and vacheron constantin, Ap, Swiss tradition tabulation troika, clocks and watches the three most famous brand, for a long time, are using outsourcing in movement, even after the have their own produced machine core, is still part of the introduction of other watch brand production movement. And the source of the machine is abundant, for example, patek philippe has used the FP machine core, the product home machine; Jiang shiden-dan used the FP machine core, the product home machine core, the chipper machine core; Love has used the core of the home. Even rolex, which has always been a full-on self-production, used real time timing, so it doesn’t matter what the core is.

A few small brands, devotion to use its movement, not only have no impact on the brand promotion effect, but because they do not mature, resulting in failure of watches, influence the brand reputation. We can also use cars to illustrate the problem. Audi provides the engine for lamborghini. Mercedes provides engines for aston Martin; BMW and logo share 1.6 T engines. Obviously, the most important thing for luxury brands is building brand value compared to solving technical problems. I used to think that top brands don’t have to build their own, and they can do it on their own. Above is the main model of the two years of the king’s rudder. All the watches in the chart are bought with an external purchase. The motto of the tiller brand is to provide the same quality as rolex, but a lower price watch. We all know that the tiller also has the same oyster shell, waterproof and dust-proof capabilities as rolex. For a long period of time, the rudder and rolex Shared the shell parts, and many of the parts of the rudder were directly used by rolex. So how does the rudder watch reduce the price, since it’s a part of the rolex, and the answer is that it’s the rudder. The rudder was built from the outsourcing machine. The road of the king’s purchase is a two-part, three-pin machine and timing machine. First we look at the three pins.

In the 1950s, the source of the machine was the Fluerier machine. For economic reasons, the rudder was chosen to buy Fluerier in the first place, because it was cheaper than rolex to push the price down to the rolex. The water ghost SUBMARINER (6204) used a rolex 1030, the 1030 machine with a two-way upper string capability at the time. In the first, had considered to emperor rudder use 1030 movement, but because of the price, the emperor rudder give up using the same movement and rolex water 6204, switch to buy since Fluerier 350 movement. The rudder has improved the Fluerier 350 (which is also the tradition of the tiller). The rudder gave the original plant Fluerier 350 an automatic upper part, changed the wheel, and after an improvement, the helm was named 390 machine core. The 3390 machine is used in the rudder Oyster of Oyster Prince Submariner 7922 (the Oyster Prince), 7924, 7925, and 7928.

The 390 automatic upper chord of the rudder. After a brief use of the Fluerier, the rudder went into the outsourcing of the ETA machine. Starting in the mid-1960s, he began using the outsourcing ETA machine. The first thing that was used was the ETA2776. The ETA2776 is an autowound core. With a diameter of 25.6mm, 17 jewel bearings, and a frequency of 21,600 times, the power store for 48 hours. The ETA2776 has a stop second function, which is the first time the tiller has stopped second. In addition to the 2776, the tiller also used a period of time ETA2483, and then fully entered the ETA2824. As far as I know, the tiller has been using ETA2824 since 1979 and has been in use for 38 years. From that point on, we can also see that 2824 is a very good engine for the rudder. 2824 effectively controls the price of the tiller, while 2824 is simple but reliable and stable. Compared to the ETA2892, the 2824 is thicker, but the thickness is not affected by the use of the rudder sports watch, which is based on the submersible. The ETA2824 of the tiller is a version of the beryllium bronze pendulum and Nivarox hair. Compared to the version of the ferronickel, the version of the rudder is better for the ability to resist temperature changes. At the same time, the rudder version of the 22824 core changes the fine adjustment of the fast slow needle, and has the high adjustment accuracy.

Although emperor rudder movement 2824 without observatory certification (I think this is for reasons of price controls, the movement to the observatory tests need to pay, to increase the price of the watch), according to a lot of players experience, walk a lot in the observatory also scope.

As of now, the imperial family Black Bay 36 and 41 continue to use 2824. The ETA 2776 of the rudder of the tiller. The ETA 2824 that the rudder USES. Use the 2824 engine Heritage Black Bay 36. Next, let’s take a look at the timing machine of the rudder. This is what we now call the “cat face hour watch”, which was launched in 1970. And conventional three needle movement, emperor rudder timing movement all rely on outsourcing (please note that rolex is until 2000 sell timing movement), timing all movement from valjoux/ETA (ETA) valjoux was later. The first time the rudder was used was valjoux 7734. This is a manual upper string, horizontal clutch, CAM timing machine, with frequency of 18000 times. The rudder was briefly used for a period of time, and soon replaced it with valjoux 234. The reason is that the 77,334 machine is 18000 slow, and the valjoux 234 is 21,600, which makes the timing more accurate. In addition, the valjoux 234 is a cylindrical wheel, although the tiller is a dense base, but we all know that the column wheel is more advanced. The valjoux 7734, which is used by the rudder, is manually operated with the timing machine.


Angelababy piles More than two pieces of patek philippe

Luxury mechanical watch is traditionally a status symbol of the mature men, many men when considering heirloom tend to put the idea on the wrist. And our national small fresh Angelababy after 90, just after 26 years old, but has been a wrist watch collection, wrist in watches in addition to the two Patek Philippe, and Richard miller Richard Mille, Rolex Rolex, and many other major brands. It is said that the deer brother like which watches are never more than choose one, in gas foaming at the mouth.

Patek philippe 5712 g
The price of about 32000 pounds
Angelababy stripped out of the earliest a patek philippe Nautilus is Nautilus series 5712 g. Patek philippe 5712 is a wrist watch is very high, grade evaluation for patek philippe has always been one of the most popular stainless steel activity, and its predecessor “he” 3712/1 a boon for investors, wrist watch, production time is only nine months of 3712, estimates produced just 200, make its bidding up to $70000 for a time.

Patek philippe 5961 p
The price of about 140000 pounds
Angelababy other 5961 p a patek philippe watch money is also a lot of PP fan rush. 2011 Basel, Switzerland watches shows, patek philippe according to 5960 p original design, launch a bezel has diamonds special edition Watch 5961 p, the original version in 5960, 5960 p, edge because of the unique design and technical innovation to win the Watch industry awards “Watch of the Year” of reputation.

Richard mille RM 010 rose gold wrist watch

Richard mille RM 010 rose gold wrist watch
The price of about 65000 pounds
If not watches fan, to Richard miller Richard Mille Replica watches never forgets anything, super complex as surprising dial with price, each style is limited, output is less than $3000 a year. And one of the most popular classic models is RM 010 automatically on the watch chain, its function of pure lines and have always been able to produce no far resonance with the customers.

Richard Mille Replica

Richard mille RM 52-01 skull wrist watch
The price of about 460000 pounds
Richard Mille RM 052 skull series in 2012, as the second paragraph of this series of watches, RM 52-01 skull tourbillon watches to choose skeleton image to show brand consistent style, skull were carved from 5 n red gold, chamfering polishing by hand, watch case, by the nano ceramic composites has never used is made and be become. With balance spring curve at the end of the variable inertia balance balance wheel, which can effectively promote the wrist watch in subjected to vibration, and the reliability of the assembly, removing movement. Is also a limited 30 pieces of sale of wrist watch.

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Richard miller RM 50-01 grosjean wrist watch
The price of about 650000 pounds
Richard Mille watches since 2013 Lotus (Lotus) become F1 team official partner. Richard Mille with a formula one car racing around the world has achieved fruitful results, so the first member of the team and its star Roman? Grosjean (Romain Grosjean) pay tribute to the birth of the tourbillon watch, 30 pieces of limited release. RM 50-01 use function indicator can show movement in turn, gap, or time setting state, and gravity sensors for drivers to understand in the process of reduction of external force level. The ultimate competition magic weapon will need at least more than 500 parts.

Rolex type meter di tong with universe
The price of about 19000 pounds
Angelababy rolex oyster perpetual motion type meter type di tong, the universe is with putting the rose gold version, to introduce before the watch (putting rolex). Specially designed for the professional driver development di tong, appeared for the first time in 1963 quickly as a symbol of the car watches. Unique patent applied speed calibration timing of mechanical structure, control the timing of the at the same time, also be di tong take unique identity, and even become one of the labels of rolex is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people image. Let this watch more unique is that a loud ringing sound “da”. Rolex high-tech building of spring, let the fingers to press the button and start the moment when real-time timing device can hear ringing sound.

Rolex is said to be Angelababy is new bestow favor on, in addition, more have not less than 7 Abby watches, design with the most classical royal oak and royal oak offshore type is given priority to, the fawn under a wrist watch collection.

How to choose sport watches? You have to know first

Summer and fall, various kinds of sports and outdoor activities, more and more, choose a suiwatches movement style wrist watch. It is not only convenient to travel, also can better match out modelling.

Actually movement wrist watch is not very strict definition. But compared with other traditional types of classic style, sport style of wrist watch tend to possess such as timing. Waterproof and so on different features, on the watch band selection for the leather materials such as rubber or metal strap, or on the design of the wrist watch use more color and other elements, let more revealing, for travel wear watches.

Diving watches – underwater
Generally, diving watches often watch looks more than other hale and strong, this is because to resist the pressure of the underwater and shock. In addition, diving watches also has several features: 1. Waterproof to 300 meters; 2. A row of helium valve (usually appear on the watch case 10 o ‘clock position). (3) is used to calculate time, can be rotating bezel design; 4. Or light faint underwater environment also can see luminous dial dial; 5. Screw-plug crown. The above certain functions specially designed for professional divers, basically we ordinary people may not be used, but the characteristic of this became the reason a lot of people like diving watches.

Richard Mille Replica Watches

Richard Mille Replica Watches hippocampus 300 meters diving watches “Rio 2017 limited edition”

Richard Mille Replica

This year’s Rio did you watch the Olympic events? The watch but this year for Rio’s Olympic special limited s! Global production of 3016 only. Inspired by the Rio’s famous Copacabana Copacabana beach, the sidewalk Mosaic design evolved into black lacquer corrugated pattern on the dial. Revolving bezel on red, green, yellow, and blue light lacquer figure, shows the five colors of the five Olympic rings, the iconic also make wrist watch the overall look is more bright-coloured. watches back relief have the 2016 Olympics in Rio badge, and inscribed unique limited number.

CARL F.B UCHERER bao qi lai ravi series ScubaTec diving watches parker
Grain design like the sun shining on the dial on the surface of corrugated, black and blue color collocation makes the style of wrist watch looks very suiwatches for below the surface, the rubber band in more convenient your wrist when you do all kinds of sports activities, both mountain and sea. In addition to conventional diving watches, the watch can have 500 meters of waterproof functions!
HAMILTON HAMILTON khaki series navy frogman wrist watch
Hamilton watch movies should be implanted doyen, as early as 1951 classic Hollywood movie “frogman sea fight” (The Frogmen), has been Hamilton watches, and Hamilton also became The “regular” in The Hollywood film, as The watch in The movie “big shots”. This year’s new design inspiration of the watch, is from the 1951 classic design new created in the film. In addition to design is very bright red, crust is titanium. And his other colour also is this watch waterproof function that grabs an eye – can achieve 1000 meters underwater!

Braving the – sailing wrist watch
Nautical sports ethos gradually domestic slowly began to form in the recent years. Actually in a foreign country, especially in Europe, like sailing, yacht sports relatively more popular, so many brands have also launched various sailing/yacht style watch. Relative to diving watches, nautical style of wrist watch some may also has the function of diving, but some may be in the design is more elegant and inside collect, some is to have the function of timing, convenient calculation time and speed when sailing on the sea.

BVLGARI bulgari Diagono Scuba wrist watch
Although the watch also has 300 meters of waterproof and rotating bezel, but on the overall design is more elegant. Simple and deep blue dial reflects the color of the sea, it is to use a slightly to calm way to face the sea, make the launch this year wrist get the favour of many yachts and sailing sports fans are PANERAI pei na sea 47 mm 3 power fly back timing titanium watches

See the English words “Regatta on the dial, sailing Regatta is mean, and the watch is specially designed for the sailing competition specially designed by the wrist. Dial the central clear blue, orange Pointers are used as a timing function of seconds, when starting points, according to the time when the plate is at 3 o ‘clock position, and have the function of fly back, can instantly to zero; Through four point location button to open can be the countdown function, backward time minute hand watches is a very suiwatches for sailing.
CUROM kunlun admiral cup Legend 47 hollow out timing clock
Dodecagon is one of the features of admiral cup series wrist watch, and dial the gorgeous triangle flag sailing time scale is very obvious identify nautical style of the watch. Watches have timing function, also can help to grasp while sailing. Hollow out besides time and time display on the dial of and the function of the date. The collocation of titanium metal casing with black rubber strap is very typical movement style.
Driving pleasure – motor sport watches Historically.

Speed is the target of human, and can reflect the speed of movement, most probably is the racing car, starting from the last century have motorsport, watches and the car of the intimate connection between the development and. Activity of a racing style will basically have timing function, moreover, to borrow by cooperating with motorsport, highlights the sense of time and speed, and the car culture.

ROLEX universe meter type di of wrist watch
Many people know that the di with the wrist watch series, but I do not know di tong take (Daytona) was originally a place in Florida. In 1962, di tong with the mainland (Daytona Continental) formally organized, champion can get a rolex. In 1963, the rolex specially designed for racing driver timing wrist – universal type meter (Cosmograph) wrist, and became the champion of the tournament watches model, in order to emphasize and commemorative rolex’s relationship with the famous track, rolex special type named the wrist – the universe di tong. Nowadays, rolex is official F1 race time.
Compared with the past made of precious metal material design, launch this year of the new fund is the first time in recent years made of 904 l stainless steel by populist hot money.

The IWC engineer timing wrist watch racing driver special edition
Iwc 2013 in a formula one motor racing horse MERCEDES AMG oil F Team (MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Team) after the official project partners, create the watch for Team members, not only have the function of fly back time and speed, and can quickly adjust the date of the show. Dial again tie-in dark blue gray, and fiber lined with black rubber strap, real racing style, not only become the latest must-haves in the team members on the wrist, also meet a lot of love formula one but only when the crowd of people.

CHOPARD Chopin MilleMiglia 2016 XL Race Edition limited wrist watch
In addition to modern and technological formula one motor racing, and chic and vintage antique car events. Italian MilleMiglia antique car racing is one of them, every year there are hundreds of glorious design classic, antique car to participate in this event. As the official cooperation with the timing of this event partner, Chopin and restoring ancient ways with unique design, launch a limited 1000 wrist watch salute to this event. Dial using the dashboard style restoring ancient ways, and printed on the “Mille Miglia” sign; Collocation makes a whole watches do old strap, in addition to racing style, also added a few minutes with the temperament of a gentleman.

CERTINA snow iron DS timing clock Podium championship series
Iron, the snow is not only the WRC – the world rally championship official and timing, and ABU dhabi total team partners. This timing clock adopted a DS Podium championship series of PVD coating all black case design, and rose gold plating pointer and prominent figures in a timely manner the formed the obvious visual contrast, clockwise and minute hand and the 12 on the dial chamfering edge points using the luminous layer, coupled with precise timing function, make the whole movement is strong.

Travel across time zones away – wrist watch
Travel has become indispensable in our life of an activity, thanks to science and technology, we can go to hometown several time zones, when experience different environment and humanistic amorous feelings, through the wrist watch thinking home time and people. Whether it is a dual function, or when the world can help us in the way of quick grasp the status of the time.

PATEK PHILIPPE Nautilus traveler timing wrist Ref. 5990/1 a
In addition to the time and date display, also has the function of locations. Home in the home time zone, indicating time of hollow out clockwise will be hidden in the local time, indicating a solid beneath the pointer; As in other time zones, can press the add and subtract to adjust knob to hours before and after adjustment for solid local pointer. Home with local and display window day and night, so that you can accurately know the time of the home.

Accompanied by the way, was launched in 1976, the Nautilus series was the first movement wrist watch patek philippe series, this also happens to be the 40th anniversary of Nautilus series.
Dial the central “Lambert projection method is used to land (Lambert) painted with burnish of sun wen satin drawing () and Marine (velvet smooth grinding), match with the name of the city of translucent light lacquer face plate. The third sapphire covering on the map, through clever bituminous coal gray gradient synchronization with 24-hour dial, day and night to provide instructions. Finally, translucent bright paint velvet texture outer ring indicate hours and minutes. Contains differ with the world standard time (UTC) half an hour or 15 minutes of time zones, the watch, can show up to 37 time zones, regardless of where you can grasp the time around the world. Specially designed clasp, can give you a simple rapid transformation stainless steel bracelet, rubber strap or crocodile leather strap.
Wrist movement style – the symbol of timing function
Besides said before a few aspects, just as we mentioned at the beginning, the timer function is considered by many to be one of the symbols of activity, if collocation of different material or color design again, it would be very grab an eye movement style.

GLASHuTTE what case he’s ORIGINAL big calendar timing wrist watch in the 70 s
Using the design style of brand watches in the seventy s, the square watch case and dial is designed, with timing and large calendar display function, again tie-in fashionable and slightly elegant blue, even with a wear also can give a person a lively movement.

Jacques JAQUET DROZ johndroe timing clock movement
watches for wheel type outer circle, it is quite outgoing masculine temperament. watches inside the ring grooves type design with Geneva grain dial seem to have very good eye-catching effect. Like the Arabic numeral “8” thwart the layout of the two timing plate not only echo the Jacques johndroe “8” glyph design style, also balance the overall visual wrist watch. This watch has become one of the most representative activity with Jacques johndroe.
RADO Swiss trades HyperChrome hao star series speed automatic timing wrist watch
Timing function combined with high-tech ceramic material, and the unique color luster, make the watch a see feels it is a movement style of wrist watch. In addition to the function of the timing and speed, watch the biggest bright spot is the use of the special plasma polishing ceramic, under the condition of without using any metal, wear-resisting and warm ceramics have the unique metallic luster. And too much a few minutes the young sports atmosphere.

Star fan – star athletes wear sport watches
Introduced in front of so many styles and so many watchess, find your type? If you really don’t know you like which kind of style of sport watches, there is a kind of type for your reference, that’s running watch stars with money! Follow idol type choice to choose the wrist, is also a good reference!
PIAGET earl Polo S wrist watch
Do you like “Ming”, “mei long su”, or brief? Handsome, will play their arrival, recently put up earl Polo S watches, become the ambassador for the brand. The inspiration of Polo S series wrist watch is from intense and elegant sport
– created by the polo watches. Using the collocation of round watchcase and pillow dial, produce a movement all appropriate, strong business and fashion style. You may not as handsome as arrival, but maybe Polo S series wrist watch can let you have like a brief movement all appropriate gentleman temperament.
MONTBLANC MONTBLANC time traveler series Pythagore ultralight concept wrist watch.

Continuously exceed 2017 SIHH tasting Richard Mille RM35-01 rafa wrist watch

2017 SIHH horologe exhibition has opened in Geneva, as Replcia Richard Mille watches , one of the participants with new look and meet you.

Replica richard mille watches sale

Richard Mille Replica in the pavilion will be in the middle of the classic car model.Richard Mille in wrist watch precision movement and to demonstrate their craftsmanship. Hale and hearty atmosphere, Richard man wrist watch, a SLATE gray RM35-01 rafa wrist form delicate, caused the people stop to watch.

Replica RM

Barrel type appearance of the atmosphere, the classic fashion. An inch, show unique brand glamour.

On the material and technology constantly breakthroughs, is Richard Mille in tabulation unremitting power. Schoolboy group, without a single wrist watch, but in a short period of time to create several new, and by collectors and industry veteran recognized as the perfection of contemporary tabulation classic.

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So Owesome watch, it is difficult to resist the temptation of Richard mille in RM 69 ti erotic tourbillon watch tasting

In the busy modern life, the heavy pressure of work on the process of life is not good at words, pretty much everywhere. In order to add to the pleasures of life interest, more than talk, bold, brave to the other party to clarify his mind is the top priority. Replica Richard Mille watches introduced a new model: RM 69 erotic tourbillon watch. Wrist watch named ‘mis-understanding’ among elucidates the design purpose: to go public with the most hidden intentions. This advanced tabulation masterpiece will be full of fun. Let its wearer ecstasy, in a kind of entertainment situation, they will be happy to display certain statements, some words also can produce the fun of imagination. (type of wrist watch: RM 69)

fake richard mille watches

Replica RM Watches in tabulation already have a track record in history. The past designers with mechanical gimmick to make suggestive scenes, dissolute theme to relaxation. Due to the resistance of the moral, religious and political authority’s conservative customs, so, these works were often have been banned and the fate of the seizure. However, like all taboo relationship, avoid is that the person finds everything new and fresh way to enjoy pleasure, because of this, today we could appreciate the complex function of the hidden in some models.
Wrist watch display

cheap replica rm watches

Richard mille nadal replica of RM 69, however, the opposite, it in clear words of love and desire. This design is not by automatic device landscape, but clever use passion, your senses, and even honest expression of the desire and love.

Replica RM Watches
Watch the dial
Wrist watch case with grade 5 titanium alloy forging, consists of three parts, with the size of 50.00 x 42.70 x 42.70 mm, inheriting brand characteristic design: barrel shape appearance, show the unique charm, Richard Mille watches watchcase ergonomic and highly comforwatches. Watchcase continuation of Richard Mille consistent style, with 20 spline titanium alloy screws assembled, guarantee the watch of wrist of 50 meters waterproof also raises the look of a wrist watch. 69 hours of power storage with the novel displays in four position instrument, its power from the planetary differential gear (differentiel planetaire). Through a single box spring won the special power storage, highlights the Jura valley from Switzerland’s Richard Mille family in this unprecedented movement the pursuit of excellence in the performance of the perseverance.

richard mille nadal replica

The line on the wrist
“I want to caress you madly” I want to love you madly
Wrist watch allows the wearer to enjoy the heart and soul was named the “Oracle” (Oracle) new complex function, the mechanical structure to start the level 5 made of titanium alloy 3 root carving roller rotation, like Tibetan rotawatches design, do make random streamed. There are many kinds of combinations are waiting for you to explore.
“Line” under the display window of the scenery

Watch the dial
Manual chain on the tourbillon movement of the bridge plate and bottom plate to level 5 titanium alloy. This machine is designed with Abby watches (Audemars Piguet) Renaud & Papi crystal produced by movement factory cooperation, altogether is composed of 505 parts and 41 rubies, its extremely compact structure is relying on unique Duoplan double layer design, and to align the tourbillon and clockwork box in the same axis. The tourbillon pendulum frequency 3 hz, its protective shell was excellent bridge plate foil magnificent unsurpassed, and box spring likewise is love at first sight.
Wrist watch on the back of the local display
Will do the wearer, located 10 pressing the button to activate the device, the desire will be shown straight away. Button press pressure is good, the press will appear different key words of desire for many times, have some fun.

Wrist movement
In order to read the message more clearly, the machine core engineer has developed a set of can let a pointer from time out in the gear mechanism. Activate the 8 when the button can make deeper into the pointer, roller jumped out instead. Once stop pressing, pointer will automatically reply time position. Circular grinding, chamfering, polishing black and deep concave chamfering manual polishing process, and by the PVD coating processing, micro sandblasting and satin polishing the surface of the combination of model reveals the fine processing of heavy and complicated, show brand determination of meticulous movement is beautiful.
Conclusion: Richard Mille tabulation technology and life “erotic” elements together, form the prattle wrist watch with endless charm. Every day a sweet nothings, will love and desire to express frankly, is both comfort and a passion for the life interest, and lubricant of the busy work. RM 69, “erotic” wrist watch is tribute to tabulation history and predecessors originality. Wrist watch is a limited edition, has the world’s only 24 boutique sales, like this one wrist watch friends can to Richard Mille boutique.

Richard Mille ambassador Alexander I d Lev for montpellier

In the south of France montpellier open men’s singles competition in 2017, Replica Richard Mille watches ambassador Alexander I d Lev (Alexander Zverev) takes only 1 hour 29 minutes. Richard, breaking gods four champions league dreams. This for we d Leo is a lucky start, Germany’s star continue to rise in the tournament, in marching towards the world’s first goal steadily.

replica richard mille watches

Against, gods, the first battle into the replica RM Watches, we d Leo in the fierce confrontation shows his perseverance. Time for the score (ams) to 3-5, Gaston stern losing serve, has been unable to stop d Lev win. In the end, we d Lev 7-6, 6-3 beat, kratos, winning the second world tour. Last year, I d Leo won the first champions league career in st Petersburg. Can say, the 19-year-old tennis player fledgling career prospect one be bright.

replica RM Watches

Alexander’s d Leo is not satisfied for singles victory, sufficient confidence he believed mesha brother and partner, lift the montpellier open doubles championship trophy, this is the first since the two brothers partner doubles crown. The doubles finals, brothers, 6-4, 6-7, 10-7 three win game 2 seeds fabrice Martin and Daniel says ernesto.

replica richard mille watches outlet

After the game ,Misha said: “congratulations to my brother, at the same time won the singles and doubles champion. Sasha is a special, glad to share with his doubles title.” This is since 2014, Newport lleyton hewitt, the first time a player the singles and doubles crown. In addition, since 2000, and only seven players, including Alexander d Lev, before the age of 20 to win more titles.
At present, “sasha vujacic” we d Lev ranked 18 in the ATP world tour. Following the Australian open, will be the same as Richard Mille image ambassador’s rafael nadal pulled into five sets of excellent performance, very glad to witness Alexander I d Lev progress in montpellier, award winning the championship.

How to use Richard Mille watches correctly

Replica Richard Mille watches is made up of many tiny precision Richard Mille parts bite walking together to keep a watch, all the internal parts of operation status has the very high requirements. Many watches friend say need to pay attention to use habits at the beginning of Richard Mille watch, as there is Richard Mille watch period, period is very important. Small make up today about the detailed analysis of its Richard Mille watches in the early use of problem.

Many people think that the new watches walk faster, wearing a period of time to watch over the period will be more and more accurate, in fact this is also a myth. Cheap Replica Watch is not a car, is a precision machinery, any parts are not allowed to appear burrs, so don’t need a break-in. Caused by time-varying accurately using the new watch to wear after a period of time because the wearer has already formed the wearing habits, objective produced relatively swatches wear environment, the error of the watches under different wear position offset and bring the wearer feel more and more accurate.Use Richard Mille watch the note.

So what should be paid attention to new buy a Richard Mille Replica watch? To really say to the matters needing attention, you have purchased a beloved Richard Mille watches, only need to pay attention to during daily wear spare. At the time of start wearing a Richard Mille watch, on the need to manually wind, about 30, then it is ok to wear! Richard Mille watch is driven by Richard Mille gear, spring and turning, turn the hard to avoid friction, essential oil, lubrication, so the day long to reduce parts wear rate. Otherwise wait until go wrong to send, often has become a serious problem. Richard Mille watch best back every year, check to see if any improper use or into the water. Especially the local hot and humid climate, such as sweat, rain combined with dirty air accumulation, cause erosion to machinery, the frequency and degree of damage is higher than Europe and the United States, Japan a lot, so it’s really important to “check”; Then every three years to make a thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Richard Mille watch is a precision metal instruments, some even is more accurate than the medical tools, so don’t have to worry about the watch in use if there is a period, in fact period does not exist. The only thing we need to pay attention to is to the rational use of Richard Mille watches, this is the movement, the best quality assurance.

Add fine adjust device for timepieces scientific introduction to mechanical design

In the United States foreign man Henry kissinger’s book “on China, some content is this: the British envoys brought gifts to the qing dynasty emperor, including mechanical clocks on behalf of the western frontier science achievement, the emperor of China, however, they are as a tribute. I’m impressed with this part, on the one hand, depicts the ambitions
during the expansion of the hegemony of the western powers, as well as the Chinese old ideas under the rule of the feudal imperial power, at the same time as a watch industry historical development stage, the mechanical clock in that period is a symbol of the progress of science and technology. In fact, the mechanical clock as a time record tool, was first
developed in the west, it is because the western good advocating scientific soil. Today, mechanical clock still essentially is a scientific, aesthetic and cultural history in the process of natural attached, like clocks and Cheap replica watches, its scientific nature should not be neglected.

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Time never accurate Therefore need to be modified
As early as the reign of the era of the clock as a correction of clocks and watches as important tool, oscillation system regulator had already appeared. Despite the development of four to five centuries, it still exists mechanical clock error, the existence of error, a large part of the reason lies in the mechanical clock oscillation system, still can’t achieve zero error, and the long run, error is bigger and bigger. Therefore, clock and watch, or a more sophisticated modern mechanical watches, clocks and watches fine-tuning structure never disappear.

Inside the pendulum clock, the most important thing is that the pendulum oscillation system, if you observe, it is not difficult to find the bottom of the pendulum will typically have a small screw, through the screw, can change the effective length of the pendulum, realize to adjust the speed of walking. After 17th century balance spring was invented, with hair spring pocket watch, also need to fine tune to the deviation correction after long-term use of oscillator, the difference is that balance spring balance wheel oscillation system need to redesign the spinner. Have since this three
centuries, especially after the 19th century, when the spinner is not only a mechanical meter part of science, but also a combination of some aesthetic features, become already practical, beautiful mechanical structure.In the pocket watch and watch, we common fine structure can be roughly divided into two kinds, one is a delegate with (the spinner, and there is no (a direct by adjusting screws on the balance wheel/weight methods such as adjusting the structure of the directly. We often say the spinner is mainly refers to the former, English name, generally with the
Regulator, today, we take a look at the obvious, it is very interesting spinner.

The most common kinds of spinner
To say one of the most common spinner, there is no doubt that must be ETA movement of several, now many advanced watches are not too use spinner, such as Replica Richard Mille watches, patek philippe and vacheron constantin, but there are quite a few watches maintained a spinner, ETA movement should be three of the most common and many other brands of fine structure and the three variants. But need to know is, from the pocket watch to watch, at least several hundred kinds of fine-tuning structure, it is difficult to list all.

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ETA company is the general worthy watch movement, it has to feed a large number of no independent movement production capacity of brand, you can buy most of the general movement watches, either with the ETA movement, or the variant is based on ETA movement. ETACHRON spinner in the ETA movement is a general designation, ETA movement the most mainstream of several kinds of movement: ETA ETA ETA ETA, 6497, 7750, 2892, 2824, (6498) or ETA, ETA 2671, etc., which ETA > 2824 and
2824 with the same kind of spinner, with opening ETACHRON fine-tuning of the screw.This spinner has simple structure, the effect significantly, on the open control balance cock of screw scale, can adjust the speed of walking. All this spinner, basic follow a principle, namely the trace change the position of the balance spring box, influence the effective length of the oscillation of hairspring, thus changing the walking speed. ETA timing
movement of the 7750 series, the use of a pointer fine-tuning structure, its effect and screw fine-tuning is consistent, only two can adjust speed range will differ as well. ETACHRON there is a more common (structure, also is a kind of pointer type structure, relative ETA 7750 this pointer, it will be easier, from Bosley (, namely direct dial needle can
be adjusted, the patent is about 1755 years, has now developed a very rich form.Structure of the three different appearance, but the same principle, but I’m not sure why ETA 2824, 2892 with ETA is eccentric screw fine-tuning (structure, ETA 7750 with the belt screw pointer spinner, ETA 6497 this is a simple pointer type, if any watches friend to know, still hope to leave a message. I passed and professional master clock repair communication, the answer is not absolute, because the movement through different brand changes, some will amend the
(structure, so is not to say that a machine have to use a certain (structure.
Besides ETACHRON spinner, the three most common, is also the most people like, may be the gooseneck fine-tuning, gooseneck fine-tuning modelling beautiful, because of the compression spring on the spinner has a graceful curve, shaped like a goose neck, hence the name. Is not only a modern clocks and watches, as early as the reign of the pocket watch s,
gooseneck fine-tuning and has been widely used in the pocket watch.

Gooseneck fine-tuning have so several important parts, one is the fine adjustment screw, one is how quickly a pointer, and a goose neck spring. Gooseneck spring is responsible for a certain pressure to the fine adjustment screw, helps the adjusting screw, can be more precise, not too much adjustment. Use screw to push the speed a pointer, is also to be able
to more accurate speed pointer goes through a certain scale, the screw adjustment, than ETACHRON screw to adjust, to be more careful. Gooseneck fine-tuning the fine adjustment, can provide more accurate error correction when walking, in general, gooseneck fine-tuning can adjust speed for 5 minutes/day walking error, and can be accurate to plus or minus 5 seconds per day.

He’s original double gooseneck fine-tuning
Because of gooseneck fine-tuning not only beautiful, and very practical, appreciation, by many brands are liked by a lot of clocks and watches enthusiasts. Not only that, Germany advanced tabulation brand, he also used the original double gooseneck fine-tuning, adjust how quickly when a goose neck spinner, the other is oscillation adjustment system Error
(professional name is Beat the Error, adjust the balance spring pile position), a very interesting place.There are also some unique spinner

Wilmot nautilus fine-tuning
Replica Patek philippe nautilus shape spinner pocket watch
Wilmot spinner is a lot of senior watch aficionados prefer a fine structure, the spinner by Francois Wilmot, July 16, patented in 1872, because the structure is exquisite, simple and easy to move, can accurate control, was liked by a lot of watches and clocks manufacturer. In the late 19th century and early 20th centuries, patek philippe, tiffany, the extensive use of some advanced tabulation manufacturers such as high dew cloud, because it was invented by the americans, so it is in many early American watch brand has been widely used.

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Richard Mille watch
It and gooseneck trimmer has a very similar place, it’s how fast a pointer, also by holding up a pressure spring, this spring can give fast pointer appropriate pressure, he was able to follow the movement of the spiral CAM spinner external curve. The advantages of the spinner is that because the external screw CAM spinner is curve, the linear control is very
precise, far more than ordinary screw fine-tuning. In the later, this spinner gradually fade out the market, because the watch movement space is nervous, but this fine-tuning structure because of the extra added a fine-tuning the spiral structure, very occupy a space, is not suiwatches for watch movement, so now, almost difficult to see this fine structure in the watches.

But in my impression, have an independent watchmaker to this beautiful spinner risen again, to watch.
Moseley fine-tuning
Compared with the previous these fine structure, Moseley spinner on aesthetics is nothing special about, but much a few
minutes the scientific and rigorous. Moseley spinner by Carles S.M osely and George Hunter, invention, patent time is on
November 17, 1874, widely used in the famous American Elgin pocket watch brand. In structure, it is not complicated, may
be too mechanization, lack of aesthetic feeling, is not widely used in the watch. The spinner is science, because it will
(embedded in screw slot, by turning the screw, can achieve the purpose of regulation. The screw adjustment can be very
fine adjustment, combined with the above calibration, can achieve higher precision.
Ke lai days next watches movement
Today, the spinner is independent tabulation brand ke lai auditions, Christophe Claret) admire, gives it a new life, let
the world see it again. Chimes on ke lai sounds of heaven a wristwatch, ke lai auditions special chose this spinner,
after carefully crafted, new building. After modification, the spinner (part of the two screws are designed in different
shapes, there should be two purposes (a fine-tuning, a fixed).

Double fine-tuning
In watches, we rarely see double fine structure, in addition we mentioned above, he’s original double gooseneck
structure, we can hardly see double fine-tuning mechanism, because double fine-tuning structure is complex, not only has
higher requirements on technology, precision, and single fine-tuning structure basic can already completely adjust the
error range of oscillation system itself exists, if beyond the scope of fine-tuning can be adjusted, as rule out other
part of the problem, then the oscillation system itself may be out of the question, this time even if you take a spinner,
cannot effect a radical cure.

Speake Marin double spinner movement
But double fine tune as a more sophisticated regulatory mechanism, still has its existence value. In addition, he’s
original, independent tabulation brand Speake Marin also used double fine-tuning mechanism, one is the gooseneck fine-
tuning (fine-tuning, is another Wheeler, invented in 1861, a fine structure, is the variant, of course, but it is the
same. Through adjust how quickly another screw device, achieve the goal of double adjustment.

The nations Replica Rolex movement pocket watch
I want to hear the name, many friends should be familiar, I will make a brief introduction. Rolex refers to all the
nations brand (fine-tuning structure of a kind of very special, it is composed of all the nations, created by the founder
of the brand and take its called Jones pointer, because its modelling is very long, all the way to the near the small
steel wheel side, resembling a long arrow, so everyone called Rolex.

Replica Rolex
All the nations of the iconic Rolex hand-rolling movement
Although it and general pointer speed fine-tuning structure is almost the same, it has a biggest difference, is long
pointer, actually has a finer adjustment function, Rolexs at the end of a lattice, and normal (dial one of the same
radian, actual effect, the sword is fine-tuning, Jones may only adjust a few seconds, and ordinary (may be adjusted after
more than ten seconds. So Jones sword lengthen pointer, a more accurate and detailed regulation effect.
Some other form

Lundgren gooseneck fine-tuning
Real power in the 1950 s when the observatory certification movement snail spinner
Conclusion: in the development of the clock a few hundred years of history, fine-tuning structure, and Switzerland,
Germany, Britain, France, the United States and other countries some of the early master clock, are designed in addition
to very fine structure, in a wide range of least hundreds. Switzerland, Germany and other spinner more beautiful, the
spinner in the United States are generally more industrial, preference for gear and screw thread. In either of the
spinner is in order to make more accurate clock adjustment, reduce travel time error brought about by the system itself.
Spinner, is the mechanical clock science and technology and the comprehensive performance of aesthetics.

Richard Mille watches launched in chicken phuong draw special limited wrist watch

The continuation of a tradition, Replica Richard Mille watches give priority to a problem with the Chinese zodiac new L.U.C XP limited phuong wrist watch. China will in January 28, 2017, into the chicken, Richard Mille watches phuong ancient painting process, with the subject of late summer launch phuong wrist watch. Dial is made by Japanese lacquer art master hand.

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The cock is divine messenger, warning dawn, expel grey eritrea. Chicken honest, frank, the rooster’s person’s personality. The thought is agile, for a rooster would good at judgment, to maintain order. They are full of vitality, competitive, positive and firm. Rooster is good speaker and happy to provide advice, too fast to hear into distrust people give advice.

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Raw lacquer material in traditional Japanese crafted collection, retrogradation, processing, processing into paint. Followed by the paint, and each layer is very thin. Phuong master of painting with lacquer painting technology, shape of micro cutting pearl pieces of fritillaria, further highlight the cock dial iridescent glow. Distant sunset background, the cock body tall and straight, strutting, around eight flower adornment tang calamus, symbolize good luck.
Richard Mille watches and royal imperial Japan lacquerwork ShangShan field peace hall hand in hand to cooperate, make the precious dial. In Japan is known as the “national treasure” of human’s phuong leading level master painting field increases the village ji ichiro designed the dial, and supervise the specially invited by the Chopard Richard Mille watches phuong painting master Mr Koizumi three religions draw the dial.

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Technical specifications
Movement: 96.17 L swiss-made Richard Mille watches homemade L.U.C ultra-thin automatic machine core, gem number 29, vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), power storage, 65 hours, equipped with double box, 22 k gold pearl tuo, chamfering, sculpture and ji ornamental retouching, substrate decorative rotary looped lines, bridge plate corrugated decorative
Case: 18 k rose gold material, diameter of 39.5 mm, the thickness of 6.8 mm, anti-dazzle sapphirine crystal, transparent sapphire crystal watches bottom, waterproof 30 meters deep
Dial: application of Japan phuong painting and fritillaria pearl inlay process, emblazoned with a picture of the cock, the minute hand when gold-plated toffee
Band: hand-made black alligator leather strap, with 18 k rose gold buckle
Limited, 88