Richard miller RM 35-01 RAFAEL NADAL wrist watch

Basic information about error correction

Number: 35-01 RM RAFAEL NADAL
Brand: Richard miller
The movement type: manual machine
Gender: men
Prices to provide accurate, error correction
Price: selections in 6660002016-04
The euro: no
The dollar: no
Hk: no

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Movement error correction
Produce vendor: Richard miller
Movement type: RMUL3
Machine core diameter: 30.25 x 28.45 mm
Movement: the thickness of 3015 mm
Balance wheel: beryllium bronze alloy (Glucydur) material, four swing, moment of inertia 4.8 mg. Cm2, 53 ° inclination
Vibration frequency: 28800 per hour oscillation frequency
Hair: love Lin tile alloy (ELINVAR)
Suspension: Incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
Gem: 24
Power reserve: 55 hours
Appearance of error correction
Table size: 49.94 x 42.00 mm
Case thickness: 14.05 mm

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Case material: NTPT ® carbon fiber grade 5 titanium alloy spline screw
Dial color: black
Face shape: barrel shape
Dial material: black carbon fibres
Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown material: NTPT ® carbon fiber with Alcryn gasket material
Band color: black
The strap material: no
Watch button type: no
Clasp material: no
Back through: close bottom
Weight: no
Waterproof: no

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Richard miller RM 008 – V2 ALL GRAY platinum watches

Basic information about error correction

Number: RM 008 – V2 ALL GRAY platinum
Brand: Richard miller
The movement type: manual machine
Prices to provide accurate, error correction
Price: no
The euro: no
The dollar: no
Hk: no

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Note: the above is the official media is very (reference only), please consult the local store, details > >
Movement error correction
Movement models: RM 008 – V2
Machine core diameter: 48 x39. 00 mm
Movement: the thickness of 15.05 mm
Balance wheel: GLUCYDUR, 2 swing, 18 adjusting screw
Vibration frequency: 21600 per hour oscillation frequency
Hair: ELINVAR balance spring

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Suspension: KIF ELASTOR KE 160 B28
Gem: 38
Power reserve: 50 hours
Appearance of error correction
Table size: 48 x39. 00 mm
Case thickness: 15.05 mm
Case material: platinum
Dial color: hollow out
Face shape: barrel shape
Dial material: hollow out
Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown material: platinum
Band color: black
Band material: leather, crocodile skin, braided belt
Watch button type: folding clasp
Clasp material: platinum
Back: back through
Weight: no
Waterproof: 50 meters
Function of error correction
Power reserve display all hollow out timing after needle

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Richard miller launched the RM 61-01 YouHan Blake wrist watch

The RM 61-01 watch Richard miller is specifically designed for last year’s Olympic 100 m and 200 m gold medal winner. The world’s second air YouHan Blake (Yohan Blake) launched by the wrist, inherited Richard miller RM 59-01 the tourbillon wristwatch main features. Wrist watch with a using treated with black PVD coating grade 5 titanium alloy material RMUL2 highly hollow out manual mechanical movement on the chain, for the wrist watch provides strong performance.

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RM 61-01 YouHan Blake wrist watch ring and bottom cover using TZP material (zirconia beads).Such low density materials (6 g/cm3) has excellent scratch resistance and very low thermal conductivity. TZP by 95% of yttrium stable zirconia, which makes ceramic texture is more clear, processed materials.The surface is inferior smooth effect.Look into perfection. Principal watchcase NTPT ® (thin layer composite technology) carbon fiber. Stretched between two points and five points of crown shoulder design avoids the crown friction sprinter’s wrist.

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This is hollow-out RMUL2 movement can provide about 55 hours of power reserve.It is new parts are used by the black PVD titanium alloy material with a magnitude of 5 layer processing wrist watch with variable inertia balance wheel vibration frequency of 4 hz. Considering its positioning movement wrist watch, each a wrist watch after Richard miller of shock test.

Big crown shoulder strengthened the watch tough temperament, in sports and other activities and provide adequate protection for wrist watch. In electroplating and hand dyed green table movement prior to bridge reminiscent of YouHan Blake’s hometown — — the color of Jamaica, as well as a symbol of the YouHan Blake in the world track and field court striking achievements of the nickname “the beast”.

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Super light and transparent Richard miller RM 56-02 sapphire crystal tourbillon watch

Richard miller launched three years ago the RM 056 sapphire crystal tourbillon.Double after injection timing clock is a milestone in the history of the watchmaking technology achievement.Sapphire crystal is only such a complex machine core into such a complex case.

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Its sequel RM 56-01 is even the base board, plywood, and three rounds to sapphire crystal.In the field of the clock and watch making transparent legend got in Hong Kong, Richard miller’s new RM 56-02 sapphire crystal tourbillon watch, besides using a lot of sapphire crystal to make transparent parts, but also adopted the RM 27-01 wire suspension type mechanical structure.

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RM 56-02 movement of the substrate made of sapphire crystal, movement totally suspended in sapphire glass case.Especially in the thickness of the four wire fixation is only 0.35 mm, 9 orientation device to adjust the tightness of wire rope.At 12 o ‘clock at the bottom of the arrow indicator is used to display the whole structure of wire rope is normal.To ensure that the machine normal operation.The making craft of the watch is very complex.The world will only 10 only limited release.

Throw away the blinkers detail Richard Mille quartz watch for you

Just last month, the home of wrist watch for a discussion of Richard Mille Replica quartz watch, discussion, we found that we are interested in Richard Mille quartz watches are. I think the quartz movement is not synonymous with cheap, in addition to the different power sources, exquisite quartz movement are through strict process as well as mechanical movement. The only differences may be the problem of life, because can express the content of the microblogging is limited, so I decided to today and you have a good talk about subject of Richard Mille quartz watch, let everybody have an objective knowledge of Richard Mille quartz watch.

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First of all, let’s take a brief review of quartz electronic technology development process: in 1880, when he was 21 years old French physicist Pierre Curie discovered the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal; In 1921, Cartier will be quartz crystal oscillator used in tube, success; In 1930, the first in the world tube circuit, based on quartz oscillator clock, volume is very big, circuit part about two house size; In the 1950 s, the rapid development of electronics industry, the transistor technology; In the ’60 s, and invented the integrated circuit, which is one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century, the integrated circuit made today we live, work and industrial modernization, we should remember the inventor of the integrated circuit: Robert Noyes (fairchild) in silicon valley. 60 ~ 70 s, and have invented the high capacity of micro cells and low power consumption of stepper motor…

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Around 1972, the United States, swatch group (now), Switzerland and other countries has successfully developed the quartz electronic watch, Richard Mille quartz watch was born. However, they have abandoned the quartz technology industrialization, because they think the mechanical watch orthodoxy. So I left a loophole to the Japanese, and Japanese companies, in the 70 s ~ 80 s started a almost destroyed the watch industry “quartz revolution” in the world, it will watch from a luxury into a cheap electronic products. Although mechanical watch is on the Renaissance again today, but it was completely out of the timekeeper category.

Because now in the stage of the revival of the mechanical watch, so I am often asked, what is mechanical watch or Richard Mille quartz watch, now I can tell you that Richard Mille quartz watch than mechanical, but I want to tell you, the world’s most accurate timing tool is not Richard Mille quartz watch, but atomic clocks, the international committee of weights and measures stipulated in 1967, from January 1, 1972: “cesium 133 atomic vibration of 9192631770 times”, as an international standard seconds seconds long. This is from the macroscopic objects in timing to micro atomic clocks in a revolution. According to reports, its accuracy for the 1 million error is 1 second. While the international leading technology of precision can reach 3 million error of a second. But according to scientists predicted that the current international standard seconds, will also be able to maintain 10 years at most. Because of higher precision “strontium” atomic clocks, has successfully developed its accuracy has reached the incredible 70 million error for a second, I think the earth is really don’t need that precise timing tool.

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Let me tell me the composition and working principle of the Richard Mille quartz watch. Pointer Richard Mille quartz watch is made up of seven parts: first, the source system, battery powered energy, equivalent to a mechanical watch with clockwork spring box; Second, integrated circuits, are electric conduction system and technical processing system; A mechanical watches transmission gear; Third, semiconductor vibration: standards of measurement time, the equivalent of mechanical watches the balance wheel balance spring system; Fourth, fine-tuning capacitor, its role is equivalent to (mechanical watches, can adjust the speed; Fifth, electromechanical transducer, electric energy, magnetic energy, mechanical energy, equivalent to a mechanical watch escapement; Sixth, transmission gear train, delivery time, indicating “seconds”; Seventh, walk needle series: instructions, “when”.

Now a lot of people, with the focus to the mechanical clock, especially mechanical complex organization. But now we found some big clock and watch brand not only has not abandoned the development of Richard Mille quartz watch, on the contrary, they are Richard Mille quartz watches not only the price of not less than mechanical watches, at the same time, production is relatively rare. I think there are some reasons, the history of the mechanical clock, least 3, four hundred, after vicissitudes of life! But a revolution in quartz, nearly toppled the world watch industry! First quartz technology has incomparable advantages: mechanical clock time accurate, easy to use, cheap, and is more advantageous in complex additional functionality. Second, the quartz clocks have already occupied the world clock for half of the market, so these big brands also didn’t give up on the development of quartz movement. And expressed refused to Richard Mille quartz watch brand are numbered. This means that, who also don’t want to be behind times.

I believe most of people like mechanical watch, because it represents the eternal, can transfer hundreds of years. And the life of the Richard Mille quartz watch is one hundred and twenty, but the fact is that so? Actually quartz movement, the concept of life there are two points, one is the battery life, generally up to 2 ~ 3 years, if it is two watches, up to 4 ~ 5 years, a few years ago had 10 years of battery life watch! Second, the movement of life, should be not less than 20 years, (mainly refers to the circuit part, if have parts can be replaced.) As to the abrasion of mechanical parts, mechanical movement should be one of several one percent, or even thousands of points, from the perspective of the wear and tear of its life should live longer than mechanical movement many times! Only more than 20 years history of quartz clocks and watches, and technology, process and material in constant progress, so there is no according to the legend of 20 years scrap.

Quartz movement, of course, also have good and bad, let me tell you some methods to identify quartz movement of two parts: the circuit part and mechanical part. First, see how circuit board USES electricity the roadbed material, see the next circuit wiring whether reasonable, standard (similar to see computer motherboards, actually is the material, thickness of the PCB and work); Second, the mechanical part of the bottom plate and other small plywood processing and grinding, and the gear processing technology is fine (see this with mechanical watch standard). Third, the movement is movement of high class Numbers and other text tags, basically see the text is clear and specification. 4, by observing the movement of oil, also can show the quality and grade of the movement.

Finally, I said about quartz movement maintenance, take patek philippe Richard Mille quartz watch, it change the circuit board and the cost of money is 2000 yuan, and calculate the cost of other parts to replace all in the maintenance cost is 4600 yuan. I think the price of other brands should not be more than it, so the Richard Mille quartz watch maintenance price is very reasonable, if the maintenance is in place, the life of the Richard Mille quartz watch will be very long. Richard Mille quartz watch, of course, do have a headache, is the battery, the watch do not wear for a long time, could cause battery leakage. Battery electrolyte leakage, strong corrosion resistance, is likely to cause irreparable damage to the machine. So don’t wear a watch for a long time, the battery should be removed. I want you to read the text above, can help you.

Richard mille in establishing partnership with Paris st germain

Richard mille replica and Paris st germain, announced that the two sides have signed the agreement of the next three seasons cooperation, Richard mills will be Paris st germain official suppliers.

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For Richard mille, the sports world is a real test laboratory, this allows the brand to facing new technical challenges, testing advanced TAB area unprecedented solution at the same time. Richard mills has been with the famous athletes, such as tennis champion rafael nadal, polo players pablo Donovan, F1 driver felipe massa and sprinter wade van, keck to establish cooperative partnership.

Richard mille in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) chief executive Peter harrison said: “I’m very glad to welcome new partners – Paris st germain, the club has won six ligue 1 champions. Paris st germain for excellence and a commitment to innovation, fully agree with Richard mills to create unique of hope and vision. We are looking forward to an early present design of both sides to build unique meter.”

Paris st germain assistant general manager Frederic Longuepee added: “with the arrival of the new season, we are proud to welcome Richard mille to join Paris st germain family. Richard mills in hope to be able to make a new generation of players to fully demonstrate their talent, the demands and the club. We hope to cooperate with, make both sides can in their respective fields to the next level.”

Richard mille and Paris st germain, after a partnership in the future the two sides will join hands to launch two special limited wrist watch, only in Richard mills in Paris and doha flagship store sale

Extend the life of the machine core movement gem material application of appreciation

In the watch machine core, good movement performance is to ensure that the watch one of the biggest guarantee normal work. And Richard Mille replica watches movement operation is run by many precision components work together to deliver the power, so delicate little parts wear will happen over time, eventually led to watch the performance. Is the good news is that, on the machine core material selection, it was found that the ruby this super wear resistant materials, and apply it on the watch manufacturing. Today small make up take you to appreciate the movement of the ruby.

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Operation of a Richard Mille movement must rely on the gear on transmission power. Before the important functions of ruby is not recognized, the escape wheel spin axis line, escapement fork, pendulum shaft rod and gear train wheels are screwing in brass plate holes. Constantly think axis rotation on copper substrate or splint, like simulated flight, friction will bring both wear, produced by the metal scrap and will affect the performance of the lubricating oil, the rotation of the spin axis pressure and high speed friction damage, make the movement.

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Until 1700, a Swiss and two French discovery drilling ruby as watches bearing can significantly reduce the friction and damage, and significantly improve the working life of the movement, has been widely used. But because the cost is too high, then use high-grade movement. Synthetic rubies are widely used in 1902, main component is 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, with natural ruby has the same properties. So in simple terms, jewel bearing is the protection of the gear axis of stone. With perforated ruby shaft eye fixed on the plate, set in the play to the role of the bearing in the watches. Since the jewel bearing is used to protect the gear axis, the more the more natural gear jewel bearing number. Generally speaking, the more jewel bearing is the more complicated movement. However complicated isn’t everything, so also you can’t judge a gem number alone could go to the movement of high and low quality.

Conclusion: stone material is good, but its price is very expensive, and this is why some watch does not show hill not roric there will be days of high social status. So as a luxury watches, always let a person off, but the demand or some, after all there are always some people needed the wrist watch as a status symbol. Finally there is no denying that with ruby material movement is absolutely on the performance and service life.